Chelsea Clinton Crushes Infowars For Cheap Michelle Obama Video In One Tweet

chelsea clinton donald trump
chelsea clinton donald trump

Ever since our fake president invaded DC, Chelsea Clinton has been flexing her snark and wit on Twitter. Just the other day, for example, she came to Baron Trump’s defense when, oddly enough, right-wingers criticized his clothing:

And who could forget her supremely sarcastic tweet following Trump’s ridiculously false claim about the Bowling Greene Massacre?:

And having met Chelsea, I can easily say that she’s decent human being.

But, her latest adventure on Twitter came after vile and deranged Alex Jones made a totally disgusting video trashing Michelle Obama on Info Wars, the far-right conspiracy site that Trump, frighteningly enough, follows.

Jones made a disgusting video promoting a racist rumor about Michelle Obama’s sexuality.  The rumor, much like Obama’s birthplace, was born out of the dark corners of the “Alt-right”  blogosphere. But having nothing of substance or decency to offer, Jones resurrected the infantile rumor when he posted it on his fake news site. Chelsea was less than pleased and rushed to the beloved First Lady’s defense on Twitter:

Well, isn’t that just alt-right. Unlike Trump’s equally vile and vindictive sons, Chelsea has always shown grace and humanity.

Racist attacks on Michelle Obama have been going on for as long as Republicans obstructing President Obama. Notwithstanding all of these horribly unfunny, pathetic, and overly racist attacks on Mrs. Obama, she mostly ignored them and only recently addressed them. However, she’s now free to speak out as much as she wants.  In the mean time, she can take solace in knowing that she has millions of admirers, such as Chelsea Clinton, readily willing to call out all of the vile alt-right racists’ attacks leveled against her on their fake news sites.

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