Motherhood On Parade: Celebrating Protest Moms

protest moms mother's day
Mothers Day celebration of moms who fight.

Unprecedented protests have filled our streets, led mostly by women and the pro-science community, standing in opposition to the horrendously anti-science, anti-equality platform of the nightmare team in the White House and Congress. These women are fighting for more than just themselves, they are fighting for the living, breathing future they have brought into this world.

On Mother’s Day, we would like to give a shout out to the women that made those marches about their actual lifestyle choice – being a parent:

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From all walks of life, in all professions, there are women who also chose motherhood, and one day a year we make it all about them. These moms went to protest, report on the protests, and stand up for the people that mean the most in their lives, the tiny humans they chose to bring into this world. Even in the media (go teamwork!):

Being a mother now, in a time when we are learning that our children with pre-existing conditions are facing an un-insured future, where we face unaffordable higher education, where the future is bleak when it comes to wars — it’s really hard. Many mothers had chosen to have their children in the last 8 years; when being a woman wasn’t a pre-existing condition, neither was childbirth, neither were complications of childbirth.

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They chose to have children when they were assured access to affordable care, so they could be better mothers, and their children could look forward to having it too. It’s no wonder that these moms are protesting an untenable future.

However, these moms are still teaching their children “right from wrong”:

Other mothers have seen worse than we face now, then 8 years of the best it’s been since Nixon made healthcare a flagship for profit endeavor. Now, they face a future where we return to healthcare as a mercenary, for profit, minimum care-maximum profit enterprise. Not to mention the grandmas, who have seen even more:

Not to mention the grandmas, who have seen even more:

And there’s a lot more, from the fear our children will die in Trump’s predicted wars, to the fear we won’t be able to feed them in yet another trickle down economic disaster — this time with fewer safety nets.

As mothers, we are charged with being an example for our children, sometimes that example is a pussy hat and a protest sign:

There are those who are fighting to keep mom’s with their children, as we face a time where families are going to be ripped apart because of where some members were born:

So, what happens to kids when you bring them with you? Sometimes, they decide to become the future:

Some moms can’t protest, (but most of us can text Resist to 50409) but for all those who do, we say thank you. Happy Mother’s Day, protest moms, you rock!

Featured image via @citizen_truth, Twitter

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