Fox News Whines Hurricane Irma Celeb Fundraisers Are ‘Getting Political’ With Facts (Video)

fox news celebrities getting political over hurricane irma hand in hand
Barbara Streisand helping raise 14 million dollars, so far

So, apparently, Fox News thinks that acknowledging reality is “getting political,” and somehow not appropriate for celebrities, who raised $44 million dollars for Hurricane Irma relief.

They posted a video today with quotes from Beyonce, the headline crying out that the “‘Hand in Hand’ Hurricane relief telethon got political.” Their little excerpt below the video tried to somehow shame some of the stars, saying, “While the benefit helped raise over $14 million in relief aid, some stars decided to get political.” (Editor’s note: $14 million was the initial estimate, $44 million has been reported by ABC and Variety.

fox news whines about getting political celebrities
Screen capture from Youtube

Then you watch the video and what they are claiming is “political” is Barbara Streisand simply stating that “climate change is not fake news.” Or, Beyonce saying, “it is impossible to watch the news without seeing violence and racism in this country.” Even worse, Stevie wonder saying that anyone who doesn’t “believe” in climate change must be “either blind or unintelligent” may get close to a political statement, but it is also a statement that most would agree is simply factual. That, simply telling the truth and stating facts, is “getting political.” (Video at end of article, watch for yourself and try to find the egregious “politics” in it.) 

They even called saying, “over the last year we have been bombarded with images and news of hate and division,” a “jab.” Apparently, reality has a liberal bias and Fox News knows it.

Of course, when James Woods or Chachi, er, Scott Baio are out there running their mouths, literally attacking liberals on Twitter and actually playing partisan politics, Fox doesn’t shame them. It seems that to Fox News and their rapt minions, “getting political” is only bad for a celebrity if it is liberal politics they appear to be supporting.

The fact is that we are facing a global crisis, and overwhelmingly science agrees that man has played a role in that. Saying “Climate Change is not fake news,” is as deeply political as saying, “groceries are expensive.” It isn’t.

It seems that because liberals and Democrats accept science and base their platform on facts and the best research available, now just stating a fact is off limits if it doesn’t support the Fox-bot world view. Of course, that isn’t shocking to anyone paying attention to the “fair and balanced” network.

Telling the truth, even in the process of earning 44 million dollars for the victims of Hurricane Irma, is a no-go “getting political” action for celebrities, according to Fox News.

Judge for yourself, is Fox News busy clutching their pearls over nothing?:

Featured image via Twitter
(Article updated to reflect actual total of 44 million dollars, 9/13 3:12 pm PDT)

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