Cable Subscribers Are Fleeing In Droves & So Should You! (VIDEO)

Unless you live in certain markets in the United States, cable companies are using the power of their monopoly to commit acts of sheer larceny that would have any human beings under the jail. But since the FCC is now staffed with a variety of former and aspiring lobbyist, they are committing these acts with impunity and people are getting sick of the thievery that cable conglomerates are committing.

Time Warner is among the most despicable companies to have ever existed for a host of reasons. For example, in Los Angeles and other parts of the country, you can get cable speeds as high as 100 mbps for only $50 a month. It cost hundreds of millions of dollars to run fiber optic lines into these markets but in a lucrative marketplace, you have to compete. Everywhere else in the country, you can get 50 mbps for $65 a month which use cable lines from the 1990s and it’s not really 50 mbps unless you plug your computer into your modem directly. If you were hoping to get 50 mbps over a wifi connection, you can just forget that. The average speed is around 38 mbps for their “ultra” speed option. Why is it more expensive to get slower service on older lines? Well, in the ‘markets’ of LA and NY for instance, there actually is competition with Google. Everywhere else the rules of monopoly are in play and neither COMCAST nor Time/Warner are interested in upgrading  lines but people are becoming fed up with substandard service in a heavily subsidized industry that produce mediocre quality on their best days.

Right now, if you check any flier or email from Time/Warner, they will offer you HBO, Showtime and TV for $30 a month. There’s no truth in it because by the time they include equipment fees, the ESPN sports fee and general oxygen use fee, you are going to end up with $60 in service after taxes. If you happen to fall for their $89.99 scam of tv, phone and 30 mbps internet service, you will still need to pony up $118 a month when it’s all said and done.

According to Forbes magazine, 463,000 cable subscribers left in the 2nd quarter of 2015. HBO has already seen the light and offered HBO GO for internet subscription and instead of paying for 300 channels that nobody wants or watches, people are hanging up antennas for their local channels and using services like HULU and Netflix and giving the cable companies the finger, which is a good thing for everyone.

Every show on television is now available on the internet -if you know where to look. You can livestream many stations if you have a smart tv and that very fact is teaching many people that paying $60 – $150 per month for television just isn’t worth it anymore when you can watch anything and everything online. As Forbes points out,

The long and short of it is that fewer people are willing to pay a premium for lots of channels they never watch in return for a few—HBO and ESPN —that they love. HBO is now breaking that logjam with its HBO Gooption that decouples HBO programming from the major providers. When ESPN follows suit, the real cable bloodbath will begin in earnest.”

If you are sick of paying for crappy service and way too much for cable tv, break free from the chains of these conglomerates that relish paying dividends to their shareholders while perpetually screwing their customers. If the movement continues at this rate, they will be forced to cut their prices if they want our money. No other entity truly deserves the ire of the public they claim to serve than the cable companies. As consumers grow more and more weary of crappy service that’s already ridiculously overpriced, the more will flee. The future of media is not airwaves but bandwidth and the sooner we start using the internet as our primary source for programming, the sooner we can take the next technological step into the 21st century.

This illustrates their attitude perfectly.


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