The Boy Scouts Correct The Record On Trump’s ‘Greatest Ever Speech’ Claim

trump claim refuted by boy scouts

Nope. No, it wasn’t, and they didn’t say so. It appears that Trump has made a claim that the Boy Scouts of America have chosen to contradict. After his behavior which would cause the same organization to have to apologize to their scouts over Trump’s behavior, Trump claiming that the leader of their organization declared his speech the “greatest speech” ever.

As a reminder here is portions of the cringeworthy speech contrasted with portions of Trumps:

The Boy Scouts of America told Time Magazine that their apology for his insertion of politics into the event speaks for them when it comes to Trump’s claim of praise. That sounds like a concrete, clear, “nope,” from a group that should never have been dragged into this in the first place.

It wasn’t just politics he slathered on the gathered scouts: He also included yachting, digs at former President Obama and braggadocios self-aggrandizement — but that seems par for the Trump course.

According to Time:

“The Chief Scout Executive’s message to the Scouting community speaks for itself,” the organization said, referring to a July 27 statement from Michael Surbaugh, the Chief Scout Executive for the Boy Scouts of America, who apologized to anyone in the scouting community who could have been offended or alarmed by the political rhetoric in the speech.

It appears that Donald Trump lied about the Scouts to make himself look good.

This may not be the worst of Trump’s poor choices, it may not even be the most nefarious thing he has ever done on public record. However, it is no distraction to see that this information paints the picture of who Donald Trump is, and that person lies about our children to benefit his ego. That speaks for itself and it says nothing favorable, whatsoever, about him.

Featured image via screen capture from Youtube

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