Blaze Contributor Has Epic Meltdown Over FrankenTrump’s Nomination

Truth be told, and some might find this shocking (wink), but I am not a regular reader of Glenn Beck’s The Blaze. It’s a regular hodgepodge of intellectual reprobates that wouldn’t know a fact if it swallowed their entire Viagra prescription. So when one of my fellow travelers posted this scintillating screed from Blaze contributor Matt Walsh, I had to share at least the highlights.

Ruination is obviously what a majority in both parties have enthusiastically endorsed, especially the predominately “conservative,” “Christian,” “Republican” states that turned out in droves for a left-wing vulgarian who, when he’s not bragging of his adultery or fantasizing about dating his daughter or mocking POWs and the disabled, has taken to perpetuating conspiracy theories about how his former opponent’s father killed JFK. Of course, he said this on Fox News while the empty vessels on their morning show sat by and nodded submissively.

While Matt is certainly no George Will, they are of similar minds when it comes to FrankenTrump leading their party on the road to perdition.

But this is par for the course with Trump. He’s not above calling your wife ugly if you cross him or sending his surrogates out to accuse you of being a serial adulterer. As a guy reportedly linked to the mob, and who’s been credibly accused of brutal rape, and who used to pal around with an infamous international pimp and pedophile, you’d think he’d shy away from repeating rumors. But Trump doesn’t shy away from anything, save the truth.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 12.39.47 AM

Bravo Matt, please don’t allow us to impede you in any way. Please tell us more about your standard-bearer!

Trump, as Sen. Ted Cruz finally observed hours before the end, is a pathological liar. He lies about everything, all the time, relentlessly. Even when there’s no real need or reason, like when he brazenly lied about Mike Tyson’s rape conviction after Tyson endorsed his campaign. And so on. I don’t need to list all the times Trump strayed from the facts, nor the conflicting positions he’s taken on every issue, nor the litany of other charges that can be leveled against him. All of these things are known, yet he was still handed the banner of the Republican Party and appointed its standard bearer. Let others suffer the degradation of marching behind him. I’ll be somewhere far away, shaking my head in disgust.

Yes, Matt! Let your emotional anger flow onto the page! Let us enjoy your delicious agony!

The Republican Party is host to many millions of people who fell prostrate before a flamboyant charlatan, despite, or perhaps even because of, his compulsive dishonesty, his moral cowardice, his cruelty and pettiness, his blatant and unapologetic ignorance and disinterest in the most important issues facing our country, his liberalism and so on. As Trump said himself, he could shoot someone in the middle of the street and these people would still follow him.

That’s why I’m leaving. It’s also why you’re dying. It’s not my fault, and it’s not even Trump’s fault. Trump is just a parasite who took advantage of a weakened immune system. He’s the violent case of dysentery that finally kills the frail man who was already sick with a thousand other exotic diseases. The untrained eye may say the man died because he was vomiting blood, but in truth he was vomiting blood because he was dying.

The tears of unfathomable sadness are reaching their crescendo. Tell us how you love FrankenTrump Matt!

Yesterday, a Republican in Indiana told the media she’s voting for Trump because he’s a “different kind of liar.” The day before, Cruz attempted to have a reasoned dialogue with a couple of Trump supporters who responded to all of the senator’s arguments by shouting slogans and pumping their fists. Trump fans perform even less admirably in cyberspace, where an impassioned collection of anti-Semites and white nationalists work tirelessly to confirm every negative and cartoonish stereotype liberals have ever concocted about Republicans.

Thank you, Matt, for finally admitting that the stereotypes we make about you ignorant, racists, anti-semitic, homophobic, bigots have much basis in truth! I did not think there was such a thing as an honest Republican but alas, you have turned your membership card in, so you are no longer required to be such a dastardly liar! Please continue.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 12.42.04 AMIt’s true that Hillary is worse than almost every human in America, but Republicans went rifling through a a flaming dumpster and managed to dig up the one guy who could rival her in general contemptibleness. This will be yet another reason why I’ll cringe with shame when I tell my grandkids that I was once a member of the GOP. Of course, by that time the GOP will be a question in a Trivial Pursuit game, not an actual functioning political party. (Question: “Which American political party actually wasn’t joking when it made the guy from The Apprentice its nominee for president?”)

While there is much schadenfreude for anyone with a conscience to enjoy in watching the Grand Old Party birth the FrankenTrump and get their just desserts from one of their own, let’s not forget that of the 10 million new registered voters, 70% are latino or black and they are not happy about being called rapists and drug dealers as Jorge Ramos pointed out so perfectly.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 2.02.12 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 2.13.48 AMIt’s never wise to count your chickens before they’ve hatched but seeing them come home to roost across the aisle is more gratifying this election than any previous election in history.  And, if indeed, history has taught us anything about Republicans with both John McCain and Mitt Romney, it’s that their tragically short spans are not going to fix their Freedom Caucus problem, nor are they ever going to work to govern during what looks to be Hillary’s administration.

Feature image courtesy of The Blaze.

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