Bill Nye Slaps Down Trump’s ‘Clean Coal’ As A ‘Myth’

Bill Nye Clean coal is a myth
Bill Nye destroys Trump's "clean coal" fallacy.

On The Last Word, with Lawrence O’Donnell, Bill Nye put Donald Trump’s false statement that coal is “clean energy” to bed. “Clean coal is a myth,” said Nye, and went on to destroy the fallacy.

Donald Trump has decided to continue repeating his claim that coal is “clean energy.” He has also claimed that his recent executive order would bring back jobs, expounding on how doing so would be a celebration of American production on American soil. If this is a celebration of Americans for America, then the prosperity that Trump is claiming will follow will benefit the American people, right?

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Nye pointed out that the only people who will benefit from it are, once again, a few super rich people. Coal magnates, actually, are the ones who will benefit. The men and women made embarrassingly wealthy by the gutting of the planet for fuel will get to continue profiting at the expense of our planet. What a thing to “celebrate.”

Bill Nye isn’t telling us anything that we don’t already know about climate change, we are pumping ancient CO2, locked into coal deposits, back into the atmosphere at a breakneck pace. This hurts our environment. It is really that simple.

From a Scientific standpoint, there is nothing worse than burning coal. This is the worst thing, well, maybe – maybe the tar sands in Alberta [are the worst], but there’s very few things worse than coal [for our environment] and we need to stop right away.

Coal is not only antiquated, the idea that it is “clean” is a myth. There is nothing “clean” about it. There are better options, renewable options, that are far better for this planet, trying to force coal to remain a viable industry so that very rich people can get a little richer before they admit that their archaic and harmful product should be replaced, is wrong. Those jobs Trump touts are not going to last, if they materialize at all, and that is if the EO survives the inevitable storm of lawsuits sure to crop up against it.

Trump is just throwing another boon the way of the rich, and lying to the poor to get it done. Seems like par for the Trump course, really.

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Watch the video here, courtesy of MSNBC:

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