Bill Maher Schooled A Trumpist On Why We Can’t ‘Cut Trump Slack’

Maher responds no slack for trump
Maher responds to Trumpist about why we can't cut the Trump slack

Watching Bill Maher respond to the question that Trump supporters keep asking, day after day, horrible decision after illegal executive order, is almost cathartic. In his own style, toned down for CNN, Maher responds in no uncertain terms, no, we can’t give him a chance: “because of what he has said and what he has done!”

If you are not happy with Trump, and you have ever said so, you have probably heard this question: “Why can’t you just give him a chance!?!” Usually followed by, “it’s only been “X” amount of time!” That is half the problem, actually he has packed so much bad into such a short time. Since he won the election, we have seen dangerous, unhinged behavior — well since before it also, but we were assured he would suddenly become “presidential.” He hasn’t, but how do you answer such a patently ridiculous question?

Bill Maher laid it down, it isn’t because we don’t like him — in most cases, it isn’t even because we don’t like his terrible politics — it is because he sees people who aren’t there.

Also, he lies, he says he didn’t say what he said, he instructs his staff to lie. He omitted the Jews from Holocaust remembrance day and chose to actually create his Muslim-ban-by-another-name. He has attacked an American company for dropping his daughter’s underperforming product line. In other words, what he has said, and what he has done.

Watch Bill Maher respond to this question with the intensity and precision we have come to expect, not to mention humor:

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