New Poll: Bernie Sanders Is Still The Most Popular Politician In The U.S. (Video)

What's the secret to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders' popularity? It's quite simple, really, but most politicians are unlikely to try it.
Photo: 2016 Hillel Steinberg via Flickr.

Some thought March’s Fox News poll was a fluke, but this week’s Harvard-Harris poll confirms Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ popularity.

CBS reports:

The survey found that 57 percent of the public view the Vermont independent favorably while 32 percent said they view Sanders unfavorably. Hillary Clinton defeated Sanders in the Democratic primary for president last year. The next two most popular politicians among the public are Vice President Mike Pence and President Trump — each with 44 percent viewing them favorably.

The Harvard-Harris poll finds that when it comes to Bernie Sanders’ popularity, no one else even comes close. 57 percent of the respondents see him favorably and only 32 people see him unfavorably.

Those who believe Bernie Sanders’ popularity lies mainly with white people may also find the demographic breakdowns to be startling.

Not My President Donald Trump and Not My Veep Mike Pence each have a 44 percent favorability rating, which is appalling for a sitting president and vice president. 48 percent of us “approve strongly” or somewhat approve of their performance, and 52 percent strongly or somewhat disapprove. These results likely divide along party and ideological lines.

And the least popular political figure? No Longer Really Chief Strategist Steve Bannon with just 16 percent who are likely white nationalists.

What’s interesting is that half of those polled think our country’s “heading in the wrong direction” and a highly significant 32 percent want Congress to make creating jobs their top priority. This means he’d better deliver soon or his favorability and approval ratings will plummet.

Surprisingly, the Fox poll — which only included people from its right-leaning audience — found Bernie Sanders, Planned Parenthood, and Obamacare more popular than Donald Trump.

Watch: Secular Talk’s Kyle Kulinski explains Bernie Sanders’ popularity.

So What’s the secret to Bernie Sanders’ popularity?  It’s quite simple, really, but most politicians are unlikely to try it. Kyle Kulinski from Secular Talk on YouTube explains that Americans like politicians they see as honest.

“People don’t like sellouts and they like people who don’t sell out […] This proves the problem is big money in politics.”

This could mean trouble for the Lord of Mar-a-Lago down the line. His most avid fans and conservatives, in general, want to give him the benefit of the doubt. But at some point, they’re bound to figure out that instead of “draining the swamp,” Donald Trump has filled it with alligators.

Here’s the video with Kyle Kulinski’s take on Bernie Sanders’ popularity.

Featured image: 2016 Hillel Steinberg via Flickr.

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