Barbara Streisand Just Ripped Trump Like He’s Never Been Ripped Before

Barbara Streisand is one of many high-profile and talented celebs to be deeply troubled by Donald Trump and the destruction he’s causing to our once proud nation. Barack Obama, thoughtful and full of charisma and compassion, was naturally adored by many in Hollywood and for good reason. But the only celebs Trump can round-up are washed-up D-listers who have as much talent as they have insight.

The legendary actress/singer recently penned a piece for the Huffington Post where she absolutely, unequivocally ate Trump for breakfast, dinner and dessert. Much like the majority of Americans, she’s appalled and repulsed by Trump’s complete and utter lack of anything remotely resembling presidential behavior, as well as his unbelievable selfishness and hatred for the rule of law and freedom of speech.

“There’s a narcissistic fraud in the White House. An angry, hollow, vindictive man is running the country. What bottomless emotional need does he have for acclaim? It is hard to know where his rampant narcissism ends and serious mental problems ensue. He lies prodigiously and for no reason except he obviously has an unclear vision of what the truth is.”

But tell us what you really think, Babs.

“Is his narcissism the driving force behind his lies? Look no further than the lobbies at seven of his golf courses, where he has hung fake Time Magazine covers with made-up headlines of effusive praise for himself. What a bizarre intersection between vanity and fraud. That is a president whose cabinet officials obsequiously offer tribute to his greatness while cameras roll. What is next, Dear Leader… a new haircut?”

Okay, Streisand is another outspoken Hollywood liberal who probably doesn’t care for most of today’s Republicans. And while she has spoken out against Bush and the war in Iraq in the past, her criticisms were never nearly as hostile as they are about towards Trump. Let’s just say that Trump has united us all in our hatred of him and fight to make sure that his reign of terror ends soon.

Featured image via The Hill

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