The Scaramucci Predictions Have Come True, Just In Time For Trump To Profit

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One year ago, almost exactly, Stephen Bannon and Kellyanne Conway took over Trump’s team.

Today: Stephen Bannon has reportedly resigned, hopefully minimizing his short-lived influence on our government. (Video at end of article) 

Interestingly enough, Anthony Scaramucci — one of Trump’s shortest lived and most controversial spokesmen — had attacked both Stephen Bannon and the already gone Reince Priebus. His attack on Bannon was profane in the extreme, saying that Bannon was deeply involved in achieving his own agenda on Trump’s back (only he used the words “suck his own c—“). This sparks questions as to whether or not Bannon just managed to hold on longer than Priebus, or if he actually “resigned.”

When it comes to Bannon’s supposed resignation, this can not be dismissed, either: In the wake of a domestic terror attack in Charlottesville that cost one life and caused 19 others to be taken to the hospital, the Trump administration is receiving harsh criticism from both sides of the aisle for Trump’s response that many of the Nazis attending the white supremacy rally were “really fine people.”

Because Stephen Bannon has what many see as clear-cut ties to white supremacists, had once described his Breitbart as a platform for the “Alt-right” (Read: American Nazis), and has said things that were clearly anti-Semitic, he may have become just too “hot” for the White House to handle. But Bannon is the darling of the far-right, who make up quite a bit of Trump’s voters.

This has lead to many conservatives, especially far-right groups like the tea party, to react to Bannon’s resignation in fury. They are blaming liberals and the so-called “deep state” for Bannon’s removal. However, with Scaramucci’s earlier comments, it raises further questions.

Scaramucci attacked Bannon, and Priebus, while the de facto spokesman of the White House, and so far his sharp tongue is two for two. Either he knew something about this beforehand or Scaramucci is looking like something of a modern day Nostradamus. Meaning, we may never know if this was Trump responding to the will of an angry nation by removing Bannon, or simply just good timing for Trump politically to execute an already foregone conclusion.

Because facts don’t seem to get in their way when it comes to blaming liberals for stuff. If it is what it looks like, his base gets to be angry at liberals for Trump doing what Trump planned to do all along.

Something that Scaramucci foreshadowed, just as he did with Priebus.

Here is ABC’s coverage of Stephen Bannon’s resignation:

Featured image via Flikr, Gage Skidmore, CC2.0

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