Climate Talks With Germany Are Sure Going To Be Awkward For Trump

Wind Energy

Trump can try to ignore climate change. He can let his EPA appointee, Scott Pruit make a fool of America at the United Nations climate change discussions this month on November 6th in Bonn, Germany. He can also claim that he can single-handedly revive the coal industry with mystical stories about “clean coal.” But what Trump can’t do is escape the inevitable: Clean energy is winning out. Germany just reported that their power companies had a surplus of cheap energy due to a wind storm, and they enjoyed giving consumers free energy.

Bloomberg reported on the energy surplus from one stormy weekend. Wind output reached 39,409 megawatts on Saturday.

“To keep the grid supply and demand in balance, negative prices encourage producers to either shut power stations or else pay consumers to take the extra electricity off the network,” wrote Jesper Starn for Bloomberg.

So regardless of Trump’s denial of climate change, he will someday be forced to realize that clean energy is paying off, and that day could be coming very soon. The question then becomes, will he change his tune on the Paris Accord global climate change agreement, which he said he would abandon? Since the U.S. can’t formally leave until 2020, there is some time for a possible, if reluctant, change.

“The U.S. is still at the table,” said James L. Connaughton, environmental adviser to George W. Bush.

Regardless of what Trump does, American governors and mayors from progressive American cities will be at the climate change talks, led by Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York, and Tom Steyer, the billionaire environmental activist who is also running a self-funded campaign,, to impeach Donald Trump. (It has over 1 million signatures so far.) They are funding a pavilion “to showcase efforts of American cities and businesses in meeting the goals of the Paris agreement.”

Trump will be met by resistance to his climate change denial from abroad and from right here at home too.

Featured image: German wind energy graph via Wikimedia Commons with Wind Energy picture via Max Pixel

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