Artists In Ivanka Trump’s Collection Protest Association With Divisive Trump Politics

Ivanka Trump with a artwork snake by artist, Alex Da Corte

Trump and family have pivoted from presidential to instead exemplify the antithesis to progressive ideals as they go about engorging the swamp in Washington D.C. It has left musicians and artists with the moral obligation to disassociate with what ‘Trump’ has now come to represent in America. Few musicians want their brand connected with Trump’s Inauguration, for example.

Artists who find their work on display in Ivanka Trump’s popular Instagram posts are speaking out about why they wish to sever ties with the Trumps now, even if they paid huge sums of money for their work – Even if Ivanka’s new role in our government may have some affect on the National Endowment for the Arts, artwork choices for the White House, or selection of artist that Trump will commission for portraits. We know Donald has a proclivity for expensive portraits after all.

Brendan Dugan, the founder of bookstore/gallery called Karma is among fine art lovers who are beginning to protest the historically unpopular new President, who currently has a 55% unfavorable rating from Gallup.

‘No one could have anticipated [Donald] Trump’s policies and how horrible he’s turned out to be, and no one could have anticipated that his daughter and son-in-law would agree with him,’ Dugan told Bloomberg. ‘The real argument is that the art world is primarily a marketplace, and if you have money, people will sell you things. I think maybe this is a wake-up call.’

Art dealer Bill Powers believes he has a mandate to resist Trump now that Ivanka’s collection has ‘become a form of branding’ that used to be acceptable when the pretty blond was seen as a wealthy and affluent socialite and businesswoman. Now artists are uncomfortable with the association. Curator Alison Gingeras teamed up with Powers and others to create the Halt Action Group (HAG), with a campaign called ‘Dear Ivanka.’ The campaign posts on Instagram and Twitter, giving a forum for artists to appeal to Ivanka, who some see as the possible ‘voice of reason’ in the family.

Dear Ivanka,

Racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, and homophobia are not acceptable anywhere—least of all in the White House.

Steve Bannon has no place in the White House. Jeff Sessions has no place in the White House. Talk of a Muslim registry has no place in the White House.

Hate has no place in the White House.

We refuse to “wait and see”. We look to you as the voice of reason.


Halt Action Group

Other artists have no such illusions about Ivanka. One artist name Alex Da Corte wrote, ‘Dear @Ivankatrump please get my work off of your walls. I am embarrassed to be seen with you.’ Another artist wrote ‘Please stand with artists and so many people around the world who believe that America means equality for all people.’

Below are a few of the tweets from ‘Dear Ivanka‘:

Dear Ivanka has also been mimicked by another Twitter account with over three thousand followers, attempting to diffuse what they see as harassment of Ivanka Trump. Many of the posts are graphic and disturbing images with accusations of pedophilia, human trafficking, and abuse directed at various Twitter accounts.

One recent post from Dear Ivanka’s Instagram account shows Ivanka blowing kisses in front of a Trump private jet. The caption reads:

Dear @ivankatrump, We heard through the grapevine that you and your Daddy met with Al Gore to discuss climate change! Kudos! I also hope you read the Dear Ivanka letter on the environmental impact of policies your father will decide on, from Andrew Eil, in your husband’s paper- The Observor. Did you know that climate change is recognized as a “threat multiplier” meaning it contributes to civil war, refugee crises, and other forms of societal unraveling, setting off chain reactions across the globe. He says it’s not so much some apocalyptic image of the world under water, though it is that too, but rather a series of human train wrecks whose cost will be blood. You don’t want blood on your hands, especially those beautiful hands that blow kisses to all of us! Also Ivanka, don’t forget about the major carbon footprint of private jets… that’s a big one. Please fly commercial when you can. First class isn’t that bad.

Dear Ivanka, on behalf of American News X, we hope that you will live up to your words about pushing for women’s rights and income equality in America now that your father has won the election. We hope you will be an influence for kindness and compassion towards minorities in America and for protecting our environment. We hope you will push to make the American dream possible for immigrants. We hope you will push back against the white supremacists who have become emboldened thanks to your father’s cabinet picks and campaign politics. We hope you will be the voice of reason, because it looks like reason is in short supply from what we see daily in the news. It’s clear your father has polarized our country, and we desperately need to come together. If it turns out that you aren’t the voice of reason we hope for, then we will continue to stand along-side the artists, musicians, celebrities, writers, politicians, grassroots efforts, and all else who will be mobilized against the divisive politics that your father has brought to America.

See more in the video below:

featured image: libby rosof via flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Alex Da Corte
Accessory, 2008
acrylic fingernails, nail polish, sequins, pins, earrings, seed beads, Swarovski crystals, glitter, foam, metal rod, 62 x 20 x 20 inches

combined with image of Ivanka from Rich Girard (CC BY-SA 2.0)


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