America’s Worst Sheriff Found Guilty, Faces Possible 6 Months In Jail

arpaio guilty
Sheriff Arpaio faces up to six months, unless he wins his appeal

Like most old, well connected “white guys,” Joe Arpaio, the countries toughest, er,┬ámost insubordinate Sheriff, probably won’t serve the 6 months he faces for contempt of court. However, he has been found guilty of Criminal Contempt, which will hopefully serve as a reminder to other racists in office: there are consequences for illegal actions.

It probably didn’t hurt that Arpaio, 85, who is appealing, consistently repeated on camera that he planned on continuing to do illegal things, support illegal policies, and defy federal judges. Appealing a guilty verdict based on your own admission of guilt seems a bit ridiculous, then again, everything about this angry codger is. Some of his fans are hoping for a Trump pardon to circumvent the appeal process, it seems.

Seriously, he was convicted for being a racist doing racist things in a position of power, then found in contempt of court for deciding to say “f*ck the police” instead of following a lawful order. Now he is appealing that ruling? He has the right, but why bother? He, himself, declared that he would not be following the ruling. Damning doesn’t begin to cover his media showboating.

It is hard not to laugh, joyfully, at this — it seems that doing what you want because you want to isn’t an excuse under the law. Especially not when what you want to do is be a xenophobic, racially profiling, law-discarding jerk instead of upholding the laws as Sheriff.

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