Anti-Defamation League Offers Holocaust Sensitivity Training To Sean Spicer

ADL offers Holocaust history lessons to White House

After White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s humiliating gaffe on Tuesday, suggesting that Syrian leader Bashar Assad was worse than Adolf Hitler, because “Hitler didn’t sink to the level of using chemical weapons,” he’s been on the hook and apologizing profusely in the face of criticism and ridicule.

But the Anti-Defamation League has offered to school Spicer — whether sincerely or sarcastically — and to fill him in on the facts, that Hitler most definitely used chemical weapons in his genocide against six million Jews.

The offer came as a letter sent to the press secretary on Wednesday, according to USA TODAY, penned by ADL CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt, who wrote:

“Your comparisons between Assad and Hitler were not only historically inaccurate but they also were inappropriate and offensive.”

There’s a serious gap in Spicer’s education, and this isn’t the first time Spicer or the White House has given the impression that they’re in serious Holocaust Denial. Nor is it the first time the Trump administration has simply stumbled over the history of the Holocaust.

On Jan. 27, the Trump administration completely omitted a direct mention of the six million Jews that died during the Holocaust as a result of Hitler’s “chemical weapons.” According to Vox, the original draft of the statement included them, but the administration decided to omit them from the final release. When asked why such a large number of Hitler’s victims were simply missing from the statement, Spicer then accused the media of “nitpicking.”

The gaffe by Spicer was particularly egregious on the first day of Passover, which commemorates the story from the Old Testament telling how the Angel of Death passed over the marked homes of the Israelites before they were finally released from slavery by the Pharaoh.

Greenblatt has kindly offered Spicer, and “anyone else” at the White House, a chance to fill in the gaps in their education about Hitler and the Holocaust in the letter, saying:

“While you have apologized, this week’s incident as well as others (notably, the International Holocaust Remembrance Day statement omitting Jews and your vociferous defense of it), have exposed a serious gap in your knowledge of the Holocaust, its impact, and the lessons we can learn from it….

“ADL would be happy to conduct one of these trainings at your convenience for you, your staff, and anyone at the White House who may need to learn more about the Holocaust. We know you are very busy, but we believe a few hours learning this history will help you understand where you went wrong and prevent you from making these mistakes in the future.”

It will be interesting to see if Spicer takes the invitation seriously or continues to dig himself in deeper as gaffe follows gaffe, while he blames the media for “nitpicking” a temperament clearly unsuited to the job of White House press secretary. Trump has already shown that he has no problem shedding staff that continue to make him look worse than he makes himself look.


Featured image via Official White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s Twitter Account, Public Domain

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