Ann Coulter Tries To Defend Trump’s Lies And No One Can Stop Laughing (Video)

Ann Coulter lives to stir up controversy. It is her calling card. So, it was no surprise that when she appeared on The View today, she would defend the indefensible. Of course, she had to contort her words in pretzel-like fashion to do so, and no one on stage or in the audience was buying it. (see video below …)

First, Host Joy Behar gave her theory on why Trump makes a habit out of attacking the media. She speculated that when it is all said and done, it is possible he will be brought up on criminal charges. Trump is trying to get ahead of that so his supporters won’t believe the media when it happens.  Coulter tried to counter by just calling “the Russian thing” insane. Something the FBI and two Congressional committees investigating possible criminal wrongdoing would probably disagree with.

She then went on to attack the media herself, parroting Trump lines about CNN and the New York Times being “fake news.”

Whoopi Goldberg jumped in and asked Coulter if she was talking about the “fake news” he (Trump) has put out there himself? Coulter tried to claim that Trump doesn’t lie. She then went on to deflect and bring up Hillary Clinton. Golberg shut that down reminding her that “Hillary isn’t thinking about ya’ll, let’s talk about the man who says he can (unintelligible) …”

Coulter then took the path of saying that he isn’t a liar, he just “bullshits” and “exaggerates.”

Perhaps no one ever told her that bullshitting IS lying. Exaggerating IS lying. Especially when one does it about 70 percent of the time, as reliable fact-checkers have found.

That caused everyone on the stage and in the audience to erupt in laughter. Coulter tried to sell the line further by using a “quote” that Trump never said about golf courses. The audience continued to laugh at her nonsense but it wasn’t lost that she had to make up a quote to defend Trump’s lies.

Behar jumped in and asked her if he (Trump) was lying when he said that President Obama wasn’t born in America? Coulter had to get more creative and say that “I don’t count anything before he announced for President.”

More laughs and one audience member can be heard blurting out a “WHAT?”

Perhaps Coulter was trying to play off the old adage that “if you can get someone to laugh, you can get someone to listen.” The thing about that is, however, they need to be laughing with you, not at you.

Check out Ann’s attempts to defend the indefensible below:

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