What A Real Leader Says About N. Korea Shames Trumps Childish Escalations

Each and every day, Americans are forced to deal with the likelihood of being dragged into war with North Korea, as two severely unhinged leaders posture at eachother.  Trump’s macho insecurity, unpresidential behavior, and reckless language are scaring not just Americans and South Koreans, but many European leaders are also concerned.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, chimed in earlier today on the increasingly belligerent rhetoric being used by Trump:

 I believe that, am firmly convinced that an escalation of rhetoric will not contribute to a solution of this conflict,” Merkel said when she was asked about President Trump’s recent statements on the issue.

“I do not see a military solution to this conflict, rather I see continuous work, like we have seen in the U.N. Security Council with members with resolutions in view of North Korea, and above all very close cooperation with affected countries, especially the United States and China, but also South Korea, of course Japan,” she continued.

“Germany will be intensively involved with potential solutions that we see, not of a military manner. But the escalation of rhetoric I hold as the wrong answer,” she said.

In the absence of legitimate America leadership to fill the place of “leader of the free world,” many feel that Germany’s Merkel has taken the reigns. And although North Korea is deserving of harsh condemnation — and military options should always be on the table — Trump’s pugnacious remarks more closely resemble that of a rejected right-wing blog commenter.  Most respected military commanders are against preemptive war with North Korea, as it would ultimately lead to the end of South Korea. And if war were on the table, it would take months of build up and blessings from Congress, even though Trump can constitutionally deploy missiles. Let’s all hope it doesn’t come to that.

Featured image via YouTube

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