It’s Not Your Imagination, Trump Is Almost Always Negative On Twitter

trump negative twitter
Trump is negative on Twitter, despite the spin

Well, Trump did it again folks, drawing everyone’s attention from real issues of genuine importance so we can focus on yet another day of him using his Twitter microphone to lie, whine, and insult. If you’ve ever had the feeling that not a day goes by that Trump isn’t doing some combination of all three of these, you aren’t alone. And you aren’t wrong.

Today’s Twitter trifecta

Before most Americans were drinking their first cups of coffee, Trump had already peppered Twitter with plenty of fodder to shame all of us during his visit at the G20.

First, the outright lie:

Then the need to gratuitously call someone (or a lot of someones) names:

And finally, whining about something being unfair:

Trump has famously bragged that he uses Twitter as his way to “get the honest and unfiltered message out.” The longer I follow his tweets, the more I’ve been thinking that Trump seems to use the majority of those messages to do some combination of making false statements, picking on people, or complaining about unfair things are for him. Today, I decided to check it out.

Counting how Trump actually uses Twitter

It’s been well documented for over a year that there are at least two authors of Trump’s tweets. In response, there are a few websites out there that predict who wrote each one. According to the database, he has been the likely author of 610 tweets since his inauguration (as of July 7th).

Of those, 76 (12.5%) have been him talking about “fake news.” That’s one out of every 8 tweets. Of course, “fake news” to him means any story that isn’t nice to him. Because he never mentions the genuine fake news, like foreign-made propaganda or the kind his staff use to influence his agenda.

According to the website, sentiment analysis is part of its model. An example of a highly positive sentiment is “You’re all so wonderfully loving and gracious,” while “you’re all stupid idiotic losers and haters” has a highly negative sentiment. So I got in touch with the curator to ask what the stats are on how positive or negative Trump’s tweets are.

He told me that since being sworn into office, 30% Trump’s tweets have been unambiguously negative. Another 10% are on the cusp. But, sentiment analysis is a dark art with a lot of room for improvement, he told me. So I decided to test this for myself.

I went through and read (God help me) all 610 of those tweets and rated them. Guess what? Over 54% of Trump’s tweets (that’s more than one out of every two) are some combination of him insulting/mocking/slandering someone, whining/grousing about something being unfair, and making false statements (if not outright lying).

By the way, those 54 percent represent 330 tweets, which is almost two for every day he has been in office.  So yes, we aren’t imagining things. Our President’s honest and unfiltered messages really are overwhelmingly negative. In his own parlance, so sad!

Featured image from Flikr, Gage Skidmore, and Pixabay altered

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