What Trump Considered Real News The Day Kabul Was Bombed

Yesterday morning, America woke up to learn that at least 80 innocent men, women, and children were slaughtered, and hundreds more injured in Afghanistan. It was one of the most vicious bomb attacks ever in Afghanistan. The kind that, at a minimum, should bring out the “thoughts and prayers” of anyone with a shred of decency. Did Trump tweet about it at all that day? Nope.

So what was newsworthy, according to Trump?

Twitter is, after all, his self-described official mouthpiece to give Americans “the real story.” The real stories yesterday were…

Another dig at Hillary Clinton. Wasn’t it him who kept insisting the election is over?

Another promise to announce his decision on pulling out of the Paris climate accords.

Another push to get the Senate to approve the House’s abysmal healthcare bill.

Another nonsense claim that the Russia investigation is a witch hunt.

Are you sensing a theme here? It’s all stuff we heard before. In some cases, almost every day for weeks or months.

He also got his staff to write up some fluff about how proud he was to meet yet another head of state

And yet another gratuitous recap glamorizing his first trip abroad.

Yep, those sure were a lot more important than acknowledging real news.

Yes, overnight Kathy Griffin’s picture holding his fake severed head was disgusting. And everyone deserves a response at a personal dig.

Although he had a lot of audacity invoking his kids here, considering all the negative impact his hateful rhetoric is affecting all our kids.  And considering everything he put his own kids through during the last two years.

But all that day, not even one word on the bombing in Kabul. You’d think he knew 11 of those wounded in Afghanistan are Americans. Even Fox and Friends talks about things like that.

It makes one ask, what is “real news” for our President. Empathy and sympathy are just as self-serving, and win a lot more brownie points with the public, than being an egomaniacal covfefe-in-chief. No such luck for us.

Featured images from Wikimedia Commons.

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