Pruitt Denies EPA Ban On Pesticide Linked To Nervous System Damage

Trump’s EPA chief Scott Pruitt decided to ignore science, and reject a ban on a Dow Chemical crop pesticide called chlorpyrifos. The pesticide, which is widely used on nuts and fruit tree crops, is linked to nervous system, respiratory, and cardiovascular damage in humans.

In an EPA News Release on Wednesday, Pruitt claimed the scientific data was “uncertain,” despite the fact that chlorpyrifos has been banned in household products since 2000.

EPA Administrator Pruitt said,

We need to provide regulatory certainty to the thousands of American farms that rely on chlorpyrifos, while still protecting human health and the environment. By reversing the previous Administration’s steps to ban one of the most widely used pesticides in the world, we are returning to using sound science in decision-making – rather than predetermined results.

Pruitt’s anti-regulation gibberish is a clear sign that the Trump administration is catering to the corporate swamp-dwellers, who use armies of well-paid lobbyists to get what they want no matter how many people they harm.

The LA Times wrote,

Pruitt’s action came in response to complaints by the agricultural and chemical industries…

Kristin Schafer, policy director at Pesticide Action Network, accused EPA of caving to corporate pressure.

The new administration’s agency ignored their own findings that all exposures to chlorpyrifos on foods, in drinking water, and from pesticide drift into schools, homes and playgrounds are unsafe,” Schafer said.

Chemical safety expert Jim Jones, who worked at the EPA under the Obama administration told the New York Times, “They are ignoring the science that is pretty solid.”

Jones believes Pruitt’s decision ‘would put farm workers and exposed children at unnecessary risk.’

According to ArsTechnica, data also showed the pesticide’s health risks to pregnant women and birth defects in their unborn children.

Decades of research following its 1965 debut has found that the pesticide can harm the human respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous systems…

When chlorpyrifos was commonly used in household bug sprays, babies exposed prenatally via cord blood showed structural abnormalities in brain regions linked to attention, memory, language, and impulse control.

But Pruitt, who doesn’t believe in climate science either, doesn’t seem to care about threatening public health, especially if Dow Chemical Corporation sees such regulations as a threat to their profit margins.

Pruitt is currently under investigation by the Oklahoma Bar Association for possible corruption and lying during his senate confirmation hearings.

Common Dreams reports,

The investigation will look into possible ethical violations stemming from Pruitt’s misrepresentation to senators of his use of a personal email address — while he was Oklahoma attorney general — for official business and speeches he gave to right-wing organizations against environmental protection.

Fight for your rights by calling the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121.

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