This NRA Propaganda Ad Will Shock You, Dana Loesch Hits A New Low

Dana Loesch

The summer of 2017. We have a man in the White House attacking our most credible journalists as “fake news” because he is likely the subject of ongoing investigations. Republicans have majority control and are drunk with power, complicit with Trump’s lies, and waiting with bated breath to stack the Supreme Court to further their most extreme conservative daydreams (nightmares to all of us). The lobbyists who put many of these “Representatives” in place are ready to cash in on their human investments, and the NRA is no different. The NRA, like the Republican party, appears to have shifted off even further to the right-wing deep end, as you will see in this recent alarming promotional video.

Conservative author, pundit, and talk radio host Dana Loesch was the first woman to “grace the cover” of Guns & Ammo since 1961 in June of 2015.

Dana Loesch became a spokesperson for the NRA in February 2017.

Flash forward to one of her latest videos, entitled, “Freedom’s Safest Place.” It’s an ironic title, as you’ll see.

A grim and severe looking Dana mirrors the talking points of Trump, attacking the media, among many other groups and people. She evokes a “violence of lies” as the enemy that the NRA must confront with the “clenched fist of truth.” She never mentions actual rifles or firearms as part of this evocative Civil War but implies that police would be the ones doing the battle. Yet this ad clearly is meant to incite gun-enthusiast viewers to join the NRA and to thus take up arms in order to create “Freedom’s safest place.”

Got it… What marketing whiz came up with that one? Let’s spin this whole mass shooting thing as safety! And, let’s make it clear that if you are feeling unsafe, it isn’t because of unfettered gun crime or losing your health insurance, nope, it’s Obama forcing those liberals to resist.

With zealous delivery, she trains her humorless eyes on the camera. She appears militant in confronting this “violence of lies,” (better known as American citizens) ready to terminate with extreme prejudice. It’s a bit much, to say the least.

See the short video below, and then we respond to it:

Our response:

1. The media coverage you don’t like isn’t all fake. As rabid proponents of the 2nd amendment (without any common sense applied), it’s completely ironic you would attack the 1st amendment in this way, even if you don’t agree with it.

2. The Germans agree that some comparisons between Trump and Hitler are warranted. This should alarm a true patriot. The Germans should know.

3. The media and Obama aren’t “making people” resist. People are protesting in record numbers because of what Trump is doing. He’s attacking things we all hold dear, like the aforementioned 1st amendment. If Obama had done anything compared to what Trump has done, we can all guess what the NRA would be doing, and it wouldn’t be pretty.

4. Don’t like being called out for racism, sexism, xenophobia, or homophobia? Then make it part of the NRA platform that those things are rejected and that you won’t tolerate those things. Silence = consent = enabling those things. The Republican party had plenty of opportunities to do the same, but guess what, they never did.

5. The resistance has been overwhelmingly non-violent, with a few bad examples like the recent shooting in Alexandria. Trump overturned an Obama administration mental health regulation on gun purchases, but do talk about violence. Donald Trump Jr. is leading a campaign to end restrictions on gun silencers, backed by the NRA. Is that so you can combat the violence of lies silently?

Millions of Americans are resisting with no violence whatsoever, including the largest single-day demonstration in U.S. history with the Women’s March on January 21st. Liberal people stand against gun violence and violence in general, so don’t project about all this so-called bullying. Meanwhile, hate crimes in the U.S. due to the election went up 20 percent. Who do you suppose those hate crime perpetrators voted for?

6. We are not against police either. We’re against corruption. That applies to the police on up to the White House. We’re outraged about institutionalized racism, and the failure to stop it. We’re outraged that Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III was appointed as our top cop, given his background and clear history of being accused of racism, not to mention lying under Oath. This only further enables institutionalized racism. He should have resigned by now…

7. Finally, what. is. this??? —-> “The only way we save our country and our freedom is to fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth.” Are you really clenching onto the truth or guns? You’re the NRA. You aren’t selling the truth. You’re selling guns and more guns — without limit, education or responsibility. However, your clench on our guns is perhaps unmatched by your clench on our government.

This whole promo is actually propaganda inciting gun-happy followers to hate liberals and to further hoard guns as they prepare for their wet and impotent dream of the South rising again. The NRA will never be the safest place for anything other than unrestricted gun profits directed toward buying out more of our government.

We’re the resistance. We’re armed with truth and want all the facts and free speech. We don’t need a clenched fist to hold onto it, or a stockpile of guns. The truth rises to the surface sooner or later. In the case of Trump, it can’t be fast enough. The NRA won’t have to worry about all that resistance when the truth finally comes out. Then they’ll have to find anther way to market unlimited firearms.

Featured image: Screenshot from YouTube

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