No Longer A “Hoax.” Trump Refuses To Defend Son In New Lawyered Up Statement (Video)

There’s an old saying attributed to Gandhi (and that might not be accurate). It goes — “first, they ignore you. then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.” Regardless if Gandhi said it or not … they saying often holds water in how events can unfold. Ironically, Trump even used the quote himself during the campaign when it was becoming more and more clear he would win the GOP nomination.

When talk of Russian meddling began hitting the news last summer and fall, Team Trump ignored it. Then, after the election, they laughed at it — calling it a “hoax” up through just this week. Now, as more and more surfaces about Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort all attending a meeting where they were convinced that it would be about incriminating dirt on Hillary Clinton last June, the tone has decidedly changed from the White House, as the Press Conference clip below with spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders shows.

There is no more “laughing it off” or calling it a hoax. Now it is statements like  “I will refer you to outside counsel” as it is becoming more likely that a fight is ahead. A court fight, a Congressional fight, and probably a lot of arguments among the pro and anti-Trump citizens throughout the United States.

If Gandhi was correct, the end is near for Team Trump.

Check out the administration’s press conference with Trump’s statement on the latest revelations about Don. Jr. — conducted by spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders below:

In the President’s statement, Trump won’t even defend his son. All he says is he’s a “high-quality person” before deflecting to his lawyers with the “refer you to counsel” line that one might expect to get more and more common as time rolls on and these walls continue to close in.

Huckabee-Sanders used the line multiple time (5 times by my count) in the brief clip above. One reporter even asked Sanders why they have been so eager to refute and mock questions over the past months and now, just one day later — are “lawyering up?” Sanders rambled off some nonsense and then used the “outside counsel” line.


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