Great News For The Country: The GOP Is Purging Millennials

Millennials are leaving the GOP
Millenials are leaving the GOP, that is a good thing.

Millennials, like 18-29 year-olds of every era, are disenchanted with most of America’s established institutions. In the sixties, when Baby Boomers were in that age group, it was the draft, Civil Rights, and feminism. Today, it’s the traditional two-party political system, income inequality, healthcare, and organized religion. One party, however, seems to have lost their support more than the other: Republicans.

The preference though is not surprising. More and more young people have a college degree and studies prove that the more educated you become the more likely you are to identify as a liberal. The GOP is purging Millennials, and that is good news for the country. 

According to a new Pew study, while Millennials are leaving both parties, they are abandoning the Republican party at almost three times the rate that they’re leaving the Democrats, 23% as compared to 9%.  Apparently, the narrow-minded, provincial, 1950s attitudes and ideas about race, women and sexual orientation currently being embraced by the GOP,  are not attractive to the younger generation. Since a party, either party, can’t be maintained without an infusion of new blood, this does not bode well for the GOP.

The ramifications for the GOP are already visible. Students at Bethune-Cookman College turned their backs on commencement speaker, Betsy DeVos, Trump’s new Secretary of Education. ….Then at the Notre Dame graduation on May 21, 2017, students walked out on graduation speaker, VP Mike Pence.

Pence tried to pass it off as “administration approved political correctness.” No Mr. Pence, what they did was exercise their first amendment right to free speech, just as you did when you used the opportunity to express your displeasure. More importantly though, minimizing the concerns of prospective voters is a very risky move that does not bode well for the future of the GOP.

Millennials are also fleeing religion in droves. Almost one-third, or approximately 23 million, say that they have no religious affiliation.  And the church, just like a political party, needs to remain relevant for the younger generation or the church won’t survive.

The bottom line for politics and religion is that change is inevitable and the people most likely to be change makers, are the young adults. Not just in the Republican party, either; growth without change is impossible.

Featured image via FlikrGarry Knight, Texting in the Rain, CC 2.0

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