Maddow Bombshell: Biggest Leaks In World History From Man In Charge Of Trump Hiring (Video)

Johnny DeStefano, In charge of hiring for the Trump administration

The Rachel Maddow Show continues to deliver shocking bombshells about the Trump administration, as learned in part from The Washington Post. Last night’s Maddow episode entitled, “US election officials still assessing Russian 2016 cyber attack” was no different. Rachel saved a real zinger for the final minutes of the first segment, when she revealed something extraordinary: The man in charge of hiring in Trump’s administration was also in charge of GOP Data Trust, a firm responsible for leaking the personal information of 198 million American voters (half of everybody in the US) to anybody on the internet. That would include Russian hackers, who wouldn’t have to do any hacking at all. Anybody could simply go the web address and access this data from the unsecured server with no password needed. It’s the largest leak of voter information in world history.

What kind of personal information was available?

  • Your full name
  • Your home address
  • Your birthday
  • Your phone numbers (all that you use)
  • Your registered political party
  • Your political stances on issues like abortion, gun rights, stem cell research, religious affiliation, ethnicity

This information revealed people of all parties and backgrounds. The data was also up to date right up to the time of Trump’s inauguration.

“I mean, my God, if you ever wanted to help somebody target American voters in the most specific way possible, it wouldn’t be a terrible strategy to just quietly post that data online for 200 million Americans. Just tell somebody where they could find it online and collect it. It’s there,” said Maddow.

A subcontractor working for the Republican National Committee left this data unsecured during last year’s election. Most of the data does appear to be from the main data analytics contractor working for the Republican party, called Data Trust or GOP Data Trust.

Johnny DeStefano was the man in charge of Data Trust. Shockingly he’s now the head of the office of presidential personnel for Donald Trump’s White House.

The alt-right has been creating their own news about Johnny, with a new conspiracy they dub the “May Massacre,” blaming Trump’s hiring freeze and staffing problems on DeStefano. They call him a “Never Trumper” working against Trump with H.R. McMaster. Alt-right conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich writes about the “Massacre,” calling himself “a national security reporter and White House correspondent.”

But according to Politico:

The administration picked DeStefano, who had run the data operation of the Republican National Committee and worked for former House Speaker John Boehner but had no recruiting experience.

DeStefano, in turn, stacked the office with campaign veterans who demonstrated loyalty to the president but had little government experience.

While several administration officials praised DeStefano’s work ethic and willingness to take on what many view as a thankless job, two administration officials privately acknowledge his office is overwhelmed and understaffed.

Rachel took a moment to pause following the shocking revelation, and then stated:

“What we have learned today and over the last few days about the scope of the Russian attack on our election last year is spooky,” said Rachel with a dramatic hand gesture for emphasis. “…but it’s also a very scattershot understanding, and that’s unsettling if you want to have confidence that our country is getting a handle on this thing.”

Maddow also mentions that the House Intelligence Committee will be speaking with the man in charge of digital/ data analytics and voter targeting for the Trump campaign, Brad Parscale. She then talks to the top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, Congressman Adam Schiff, who continues to learn about the extent of Russian interference in our election.

See the Maddow show here at MSNBC or below.

Featured image: screenshot from MSNBC, The Rachel Maddow Show

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