Follow The Money: The Billionaires Funding White Nationalists

William Regnery, AJ+ Video

White Nationalism got a major boost when Trump entered the White House. He even privately admits to being engaged in a “culture war” on behalf of his white, working-class base, according to The New York Times:

In private, the president and his top aides freely admit that he is engaged in a culture war on behalf of his white, working-class base, a New York billionaire waging war against “politically correct” coastal elites on behalf of his supporters in the South and in the Midwest.

With rhetoric empowering white supremacy coming from within the White House, it would seem that they, at least for now, have a window in which to empower their agenda to oppress minorities in whatever ways they can. But hateful rhetoric isn’t enough to support them. They also require financial backing. That’s the subject of a new video by AJ+, an online news and current events channel by Al Jazeera Media Network.

They give an in-depth look at where the financial backing for the “Alt-Right”/White Nationalist/ Neo-Nazi groups comes from, and the shadowy and prominent figures that are trying to promote and gain a permanent foothold for themselves. Is this merely the death throes of the extremist racist groups, or will their backers ensure they can remain a painful poison thorn in the side of American Democracy?

Some key figures revealed:

Richard Spencer, credited with popularizing the new disguise for White Nationalism called, “Alt-Right.”

William Regnery, multimillionaire who gave Spencer his podium at the NPI, National Policy Institute.

  • Regnery cofounded and funds the NPI, his fortune funded the Regnery Publishing House, which publishes books for Ann Coulter and Donald Trump.
  • Regnery publishes radical ideas in The Occidental Quarterly and backs the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, which promotes ideas about “Western Civilization,” another way to disguise ideas about “whiteness.” Two Supreme Court Justices have been alumni.

Robert Mercer, a reclusive hedge-fund tycoon who invested millions into Breitbart News, home to white nationalist, sexist, and racist writers.

Steve Bannon, an adviser to the Mercer family and to Trump until he was publicly fired, however, he now claims he voluntarily left with Trump’s understanding he would help Trump fight the Republican establishment from outside the White House. He’s still backed by the Mercer family today.

The video does not mention another key person:

Stephen Miller, Trump’s senior policy adviser. Miller has exhibited white nationalist views since his High school days, and now is writing impactful speeches and influencing Trump on his policies toward immigrants and refugees.

Calls for Stephen Miller’s resignation should not cease until he, too, is removed from his position.

The video then explores the crowdfunding sites that hate groups are using to accept donations. One is literally called, “hatreon.” How blatant can you be? Since other crowdfunding sites banned white nationalist groups, they invented their own.

Meanwhile, Trump has cut funding for a group that helps people leave the White Power movement. All of this means that extremists groups are having their heyday thanks to Trump and Republican apathy towards the hate groups in their midst. Unless we all loudly denounce these movements regularly, we can expect their influence and power will continue to be a serious affliction for our country.

Watch the must-see video below:

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube



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