Kurt Eichenwald “I Don’t Care About Winning A Political Argument — We Are At War” (Video)

AM Joy has become “must-see TV” for those who enjoy a robust debate on whatever the topics of the day are. Usually, it is Joy leading the charge for “progressive” causes, but this morning, Vanity Fair columnist Kurt Eichenwald basically took over after a former Fox News employee floated their “company line” on the Russia investigations while trying to disguise herself as a “Democrat.” (See video below …)

Tamara Boldin tried to play the “smartest person in the room” as she said she was going to throw a “curveball” at Joy and the rest of the panel. Her “curveball” was essentially saying what Fox does every day — that all people care about are jobs. No one cares about Russia. Democrats should stop talking about Russia, pretty much all social issues and everything else. Russia is a distraction and will never move the Trump voters on Fox — so let’s talk about jobs. Of course, Fox’s version of “talking about jobs” is talking about tax cuts for wealthy people and other trickle down economic theory talking points.

Kurt Eichenwald was having none of it. When Joy asked him what he thought of Holder’s comments, Eichenwald pounced:

“I’m going to be very blunt, I think her point is ridiculous.” he went on to explain that this was an “act of war.” It has been an act of war against us, England, France, Italy, etc … After explaining the basics to Holder and the audience, Eichenwald circled back to the Fox playbook, calling them “propagandists” who are essentially aiding and abetting the Russians. He concluded by saying it is “obscene, it is propaganda and it has to stop” adding that the GOP  needs to “decide whether or not they are going to let the propaganda to drive democracy or if they are going to side with America and help fight this enemy.” 

Joy gave Holder a chance to respond. Holder chose to spend her response claiming that she was a Democrat that worked at Fox News so she understood all of this better than anyone.

Fernand Amandi chimed in and pointed out that her whole distraction tact was absurd. He asked if after Pearl Harbor we should have just ignored it and worried about the economy. Same for after 9-11. The fact is, as Amandi contended, this was an attack on our soil just as those were.

Eichenwald then reiterated his point that this “is a war.” A war that is recognized by our intelligence agencies, our military, our allies — everyone but the American people. He said that we are “too stupid to realize we are at war.”

Holder jumped back in, thinking she had an opening. She said that calling the people watching Fox and supporting Trump was stupid and a “losing political argument.”

Eichenwald quickly corrected her. He first pointed out that he didn’t care about “political arguments.” He cared about our American Democracy. He likened the “political argument” thing to just more propaganda tactics.

Joy gave Herb London, a conservative activist one last chance to “make a point” for the “ignore Russia” side — he spent it trying to trash Barack Obama. Really, that’s what he did.

And the fact is, Eichenwald, Amandi, and Reid are right here. This is a war. The sooner the GOP realizes it, the better. Does the economy matter? Of course, it does, but whether the GDP is up or down a sliver of a percent pales in comparison to our democracy being attacked and dismantled by a foreign adversary. No, it might not be “politically correct” or even good politics to be focused on it, but it matters more than any social or economic issue.  Also, despite what Holder and London contended, the fact is that Trump’s poll numbers are down as some are seeing the light and how much this does matter.

Funny, wasn’t it the GOP and FOx News that ranted endlessly about saying the words “Radical Islamic Terrorism” for 8 years? Then, it was “you can’t beat your enemy if you can’t name them or know who we are fighting.” Well, now, it is Fox and the GOP that wants to bury its head in the sand when it comes to Russia trying to dismantle our democracy in a partisan and self-serving manner.

Check out the explosive exchange between Kurt Eichenwald and Tamara Holder below:


Featured image via screen capture from youtube.com

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