About That Viral ‘Teen Immigrants Assault White Girl’ Story, Mr. Trump

false accusation
The prosecutor called charges in this case "untenable"

[Editor’s note: This story, but nature, deals with trigger-warning worthy subject matter: sexual assault, false accusations, and racial tensions. These things are not comfortable, but they are very important in our new era, when suddenly the man in the White House is treating racism, xenophobia and hatred as some twisted interpretation of lifestyle choices.]

The first-degree rape and sexual assault charges, which were filed against two Latino teens accused of assaulting a 14-year-old white classmate, have been dropped. The alleged assault received extensive international and White House attention. With then-presidential candidate Donald J. Trump using the supposed victim’s graphic accusation as a justification for his hard-line stance on immigration; and to continue to rally support for a wall along the US/Mexico border. Turns out, as the Maryland State’s Attorney said: “The facts of this case do not support the original charges filed,” he continued to say more strongly that the original charges can not be sustained and, “prosecution on those charges would be untenable.” 

More information on that is in this video, we apologize for the rampant slut-shaming that is throughout this professional news broadcast:

So why all of the conservative media and White House outrage BEFORE all of the facts were known and long before any charges were filed against the young men? The suspected teenagers are allegedly undocumented immigrants while the supposed victim was white. Although none of her allegations could be substantiated, even with all of the graphic detail she provided, the White House has refused to retract any part of their original statement calling this a horrific crime. Which would have been true, had it ever happened.

Those boys face serious charges for the images and video that the girl sent them, which proved they had not in fact assaulted her, but she is not facing any repercussions. This heinous lie grew into an attack on an entire demographic, these boys are damaged for life, and the young teen will walk away scot free if nothing changes.

The thought of any woman, regardless of age, color or ethnicity, being violently assaulted is reprehensible and vile. However, even more contemptible is to make up the assault and accuse two young men of something which they were absolutely innocent. But, white women falsely accusing black or brown men of assault or crimes has a long history in America. Fourteen-year-old Emmett Till was beaten to death based on a much more minor accusation of simply whistling at a white woman, in 1955. Here are 9 other examples of white people falsely accusing scary black men and women of crimes they never committed.

Of even more concern is that this jumping-to-conclusions behavior is not a first for the current POTUS and now his accusations carry the full weight of the office with it.

But, even before this, his accusations and behavior were almost deadly. His full-page advertisement in the NYC dailies calling for the return of the death penalty and the execution of the 5 Black and Hispanic teenagers in the 1989 Central Park jogger rape case, before they even had a trial is a clear indicator of where he stands on due process for certain suspects. Even after they were exonerated, he continued to state his belief in their guilt. Remember The Central Park 5.

This hasty, immature behavior by 45 — pursuing cases solely because the alleged victim and suspect(s) meet his personal bias for how a victim and suspect should look — means that cases which deserve exposure can be overlooked and ignored while we’re focused on cases of no merit.

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