Americans Hate Trump So Much They’d Give Up Booze To See Him Impeached

The election of Donald Trump has caused PTSD for many; that is, Post Traumatic Trump Disorder. The only thing that seems to have pacified some people and helped them to momentarily forget the five-alarm dumpster fire going on has been a steady diet of booze and weed. Well, it looks like millions of Americans are ready to give up at least one of those pleasures if it means getting rid of Trump.

A new survey discovered that nearly 73 percent of Democrats and 17 percent of Republicans said they would cut out the liquor if the official political process of removing the President were to be put in motion. The study was conducted by surveyed 1,013 men and women across the US:

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The fact remains that plans for impeachment are finally in motion, and a number of Democratic lawmakers are currently drafting articles of impeachment which could be brought before Congress. But impeachment doesn’t necessarily mean he will be removed from office, especially with a Republican-controlled Congress that hypocritically disregards country for partisan power. The greatest and most pressing danger for 45, however, appears to be the Mueller investigation into the ties to Russia and possible obstruction of Justice.

In short, even though it appears many would be willing to forgo it for the chance to see Trump impeached, we may need a whole barrel full of whiskey if we’re to survive all the never-ending insanity and illegalities of 45.

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