Amazon Reviewers On Trump Book: Why Trump Deserves Trust, Respect, and Admiration

why trump deserves amazon book reviews
Hilarious Amazon reviews on Trump book will make your day.

“David King” just might be a pseudonym (ok, it nearly definitely is). The author has only one book to his credit on Amazon, and is a “Political Analyst.” His book is titled, Why Trump Deserves Trust, Respect, and Admiration. (The Amazon reviewers had their way with it, we will get to that in a moment.)

The book is exhaustively researched, actually, it is impeccably so. Everything on the subject it covers is included, in all its satirical glory:

Why trump deserves respect Amazon reviews
Screen capture from Amazon

The book is real, you can order it. For $7.99 you can have this truly academic tome on your coffee table at home:

However, the true gem to be found here, once again, is in the crafty word-art of the Amazon reviewers. 5-stars from so many people. So much big league praise for this yuge, tremendous, beautiful, great, book. Carpe that diem, er, grab this book by the…:

trump book amazon reviews
screen capture from Amazon

The fact is that this book if for everyone:

It is about time that someone took the time, other than Trump himself, to list out everything really great about him:

The reading level and structure of the book is perfect for those that enjoy Trump’s style:

All in all, the book is just “Brilliance,” and showcases Trump’s leadership skills:

We all needed this book, as you know, there has been a shortage of good books, which is clearly Obama’s fault:

This book should be a best-seller if there is any justice. And, with tongue fully pressed into cheek, because it isn’t written in “elitist” jargon, it may just be a good gift for Trump’s beloved poorly educated voters. The next four years is going to need a lot of comic relief, no one can fight without rest and recuperation for very long. Laughter can help with both, so we absolutely must enjoy them fully when they are presented.

It isn’t the book Trump wanted, most likely, but it is truly the one he deserved.

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