Alex Jones Proclaims Clinton A Demon In Hillarious Meltdown

This election cycle has certainly brought out the worst in some people. We can see it everywhere from the divisiveness in the crumbling G.O.P to the violence at a certain presidential candidate’s rallies. Disagree as we may, some just have to take it a step further in their condemnation of a particular candidate by invoking gods and demons. Enter internet huckster and zombie apocalypse prepper Alex Jones.

Jones is quite well known for his verifiably insane ranting and raving as well as slightly (ever so slightly) far fetched conspiracy theories. These theories, and I use the term loosely, seem to always have the same context. The government of the people, by the people, and for the people is bad and is out to get us all. Chemtrails are poisoning us in some great population control conspiracy Agenda 21 that doesn’t seem to be working. The Boston bombing was an inside job and not a heinous plot concocted by radicalized terrorists. Obama hates Oklahoma and uses a weather machine to make tornadoes. And, as a native Texan this is my favorite, Obama is invading Texas! Be careful Texas. I think Obama still has his eye on making you part of the union. Now we can add Hillary Clinton hating God and being a demon to his basket of hair-brained, psychotic ideas.

The sad part is that there are people that buy into his rhetoric and they tend to be your average Trump supporter. Nathaniel Downes of Addicting Info once called Alex Jones a fraud but I think he actually believes every absolutely insane and irrational accusation that he spews forth from his neck wattle. The level of absurdity he reaches is second to none. David Icke, the founder of the shape shifting reptilian conspiracy, has nothing on this guy. And David thinks politicians turn into reptiles and drink menstrual blood like a fine Bordeaux.

If you haven’t had a good laugh today, we would like to offer our sincere thanks for the best laugh we’ve have had all week. Join us in a chuckle and watch why Alex Jones needs a straight jacket and some Thorazine.

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