Alex Jones Tweets Infowars Is Hiring: The Response Will Have You Crying

Alex Jones' infowars hiring twitter explodes with hilarity

Alex Jones decided that he needs new employees at his conservative “News” site, Infowars, so he tweeted out a job announcement. Twitter, however, just can’t even. The responses rolled in, and they are going to have you rolling too.

Working for Infowars… well, that really isn’t going to be on very many people’s bucket lists. At least not sane and rational people:

Facts and reality, not negotiable:

It can’t be difficult to make stuff up about chemtrails, tragedies, and FEMA, call Hillary Clinton a “demon,” then spew it to people who think fact-checking means hitting up 4chan, but you have to trade your self-respect and integrity to do it. Regardless of the fact that you can make money doing that – most Americans aren’t going to turn Sandy Hook into a conspiracy theory for cash – unlike Jones and his ilk.

The important questions:

And the snark:

And the down and dirty of the job:

Just make it clear that most people just don’t think they can “stomach” this kind of thing:

But of course, some people know exactly how to apply at Infowars without even asking:

Lizard people, chemtrails, and conspiracy theories, oh my! IT seems that Alex Jones isn’t getting anyone elite, but if he looks at his own readers, those of Drudge Report, and Breitbart he may find at least one or two that have an education they can throw away on writing stories for him. Lobotomy scars are not confirmed to be a requirement for being hired.

The sheer irony in anyone like Jones calling his team “elite,” especially after attacking the entire left of the political spectrum with the same word, is huge. What is even more hilarious, that he, himself didn’t realize he was using one of the words he conditioned his following to see as “bad” in his announcement. The real question, did he mean “committed” currently, or is a previous commitment to a mental health facility acceptable too?

All in all, an outfit that gave Tomi Lahren her start on her way to becoming a Fox News blonde and uses the words “Chemtrails” seriously can’t expect any different when they call themselves “elite.” Sure, some people are crazy, but only a select few are Infowars-level crazy.

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