Al Franken Asks: “What Did The President Know And When Did His Son-In-Law Tell Him?” (Video)

Al Franken stopped by Andrea Mitchell’s program to share some of his thoughts on the Trump-Russia investigation. And indeed, he had some interesting thoughts. Franken wasn’t there to just play partisan politics and had criticisms for all sides, including how the Obama administration wasn’t more aggressive in exposing the meddling that was being investigated by our intelligence agencies. Of course, as Franken explained, that is all with the benefit of hindsight. Franken noted how Trump was running around yelling that the “election is rigged” and didn’t want to play into that narrative, which seemed reasonable at the time. Again, in hindsight, not so much.

Franken didn’t want to spend too much time mulling over waters that have long since gone under the bridge, however. He then directed the conversation to where he feels more attention needs to be placed, with the current administration. Franken mentioned how frustrated the Judiciary Committee, on which he serves, has been with the administration’s “false testimonies and collective amnesias” in addition to their general avoidance of any oversight, especially in regards to Russia.

Franken says he is “shocked and suspicious” over the behaviors of Trump and his underlings, particularly how Jeff Sessions has lied, never corrected the record (until media reports called him out and he was forced to), and there hasn’t been more scrutiny over it. He is encouraged that even GOP Senator Chuck Grassley, who chairs the committee, has begun to take measures to try to get some things done in that area.

“There seems to be a kind of collective amnesia when it comes to this administration meeting with Russians. We’re talking about Flynn, Kushner — this whole investigation may come down to what did the President know and when did his son-in-law tell him?” 

Franken also commented on The breaking story of Jared Kushner getting big loans from Deutsche Bank (which is known to be “Kremlin-affiliated“) at key times. He was confident that Bob Mueller, the special prosecutor, would get to the bottom of all of it. He did stress that people must be patient though, as this is a long and tedious process.

Before all the Russia talk, however, Franken also had some words on the recent SCOTUS decision to allow parts of Trump’s travel ban to take effect before the court actually hears the case. Franken was troubled by the decision. He called the refugee crisis in Syria “the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II” and wished that we would be a kinder and more merciful country rather than what is happening.

Check out the full interview below:

At the end of the interview, the Minnesota Senator also made a point to congratulate Mitchell on getting a Lifetime Achievement Award. He also showed what a true gentleman he is when doing so, reminding Mitchell and the audience that she was “way too young” to be getting any such award.

Al Franken is a gentleman, scholar and has become indeed — a true “Giant of the Senate.”

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