This Truth Bomb Nails Every NRA Apologist & Alex Jones Loon After Sandy Hook

Since Trump’s “victory,” Alex jones has been busily scrubbing his twitter account and his website for anything that might embarrass Herr Trump who has personally thanked Alex for helping win him the White House. Fortunately there are reams of archives that keep every post this lunatic post. Alex has been braying endlessly about the “false flag” operation that ‘happened’ at Sandy Hook. Jones’ theory is that it was a staged event in order for the Dictator in Chief to start Operation “Grab ‘Em” which is part of Agenda 21 which will have the Jewish New World Order setting up death camps. WAKE UP SHEEPLE! (that’s not hyperbole, he really does believe his own delusions.)

It’s been four years since 20 children were murdered at Sandy Hook and we have done exactly nothing to stop the bloodshed. It inspired a rather angry and beautiful rant by Randy Brown.

by Randy Brown


Of all the things I find most despicable about Trump voters, it’s this: 4 years ago today, we lost the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre. We’re talking about the twenty or so first graders and their teachers and school administrators who were brutally assassinated by a crazed idiot.

In the aftermath of that unspeakable tragedy, one of the most inhumane lowlifes on the planet, one Alex Jones, host of an internet news commentary series called InfoWars and the internet’s most prolific purveyor of whacked-out conspiracy theories, began spreading the indescribably horrific lie that the entire story of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy was made up, a hoax perpetrated on America to help promote changes in gun laws.

Never mind that the parents of these first graders were still in a deep state of grief; that never matters to smut peddlers like Alex Jones. And it didn’t stop him from spreading his special brand of vile untruths.

Now, four years later, and all this time that Alex Jones has continued to promote his baseless theory of Sandy Hook being a hoax, he has stirred up the lunatic fringe in America so that the parents of those murdered first graders now are regularly on the receiving end of death threats from crazed idiots who are, no doubt, fans of Alex Jones and his ilk.

Our President-Elect, one Donald J. Trump, has, on numerous occasions, repeated whacked-out conspiracy theories whose genesis lay with Alex Jones and the forum he finds in his InfoWars program. Furthermore, some of Mr. Trump’s choices for his cabinet positions are people who, themselves, have been frequent repeaters of the Alex Jones conspiracy theories.

Now, I have no idea what’s in the heart of Mr. Trump and people like Lt. Gen Michael Flynn, Trump’s National Security Advisor Designate. But Mr. Flynn is another one who has often cited and helped spread Alex Jones theories.

These men are sick. And the evil that they spread with these false stories — and in particular, turning these parents of Sandy Hook victims into targets themselves — is an unspeakable act of terror. These men are cowards, and are, themselves, responsible for furthering these lies. And if you voted for Donald Trump, you condoned these acts of spreading these lies and inflicting unnecessary pain on those lost children’s parents.

Shame on you. I hope you never have to endure the same pain that those parents had to endure four years ago today. But if you ever do, know that you set yourself up in karma’s crosshairs.

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