4th Circuit Court Overturns Unconstitutional N.C. Voter ID Law

Voter ID Law

By: Deric Lostutter

On heels of some of the worst information leaks the political election process has ever seen, Friday, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in Raleigh, North Carolina overturned an unconstitutional voter ID law requiring voters to show ID at the polls, saying the voter ID law was adopted with “discriminatory intent”.

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch described the voter ID law as a “barrier between citizens and a ballot box“, and many citizens have expressed their frustrations on social media in various states due to alleged voter suppression in their respective voting districts. Loretta Lynch also stated that the voter ID law “sent a message that contradicted some of the most basic principles of our democracy.

“The ability of Americans to have a voice in the direction of their country – to have a fair and free opportunity to help write the story of this nation – is fundamental to who we are and who we aspire to be. Going forward, the Department of Justice will continue our work to protect that sacred right for all.” – U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch

The voter ID law specifically targeted Hispanics and African-Americans and prevented a large portion of people from voting in the Primary Election.

The 4th Circuit Judges wrote:

“Although the new provisions target African Americans with almost surgical precision, they constitute inept remedies for the problems assertedly justifying them and, in fact, impose cures for problems that did not exist,”

The Director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Voting Rights Project said: “It is a major victory for North Carolina voters and for voting rights.” He could not be more truthful with his words. Americans are entitled to decide who governs them, and this was a poor choice in state law, much like Pat McCrory’s unconstitutional House Bill 2 or #HB2 as it is referred, which prohibits transgender people from using the bathroom of their assigned sex, instead, forcing them to use the bathroom of the gender assigned to their birth certificate. What Pat McCory did not realize, however, is he was effectively putting anatomical females in the bathrooms with males who could be sex offenders and vice versa.

McCrory’s headstrong bigotry in championing his “bathroom bill” has caused multiple businesses to pull out of North Carolina, including PayPal, who was slated to open a call center and create jobs, and most recently, the N.B.A. All-Star Game, that was to be held in Charlotte, costing the city around an estimated $100 million in revenue.

Aligning himself with recognized Republican bigot, Donald Trump, who spoke in my town of Winston-Salem North Carolina, Pat McCrory joked about the anti-LGBT #HB2 bill in front of an almost ignorance-drunk crowd of supporters, stating “and if any of you need to use the restrooms..” — long pause — cheers erupt from about 700 Duck Dynasty merchandise owners”.


The overturning of the unconstitutional voter ID law may be all that is needed to solidify a win for a democratic president, who has already pulled in the support of North Carolina as a whole.

One thing is for certain in North Carolina, the people are speaking out, and the government is listening. Are you ready for the revolution?

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