The Threat To America Is Not Trump’s Treason, It’s His Stupidity

I don’t know about you all but Gina Haspel did participate in torture. She’s been in the CIA for 32 years. She claimed to have a “moral compass,” yet she did not protest or even attempt to stop the torture. When we elevate someone who participated in torture to head the CIA, we are a nation of people who condone torture. Sarah Sanders said Haskell “is the most qualified person to run the CIA ever.” Strange how so many of Trump nominees are the “most qualified” end up resigning or have to rescind their nomination entirely for whatever reason. What is now clear is that this entirely corrupt administration is gas-lighting the American people with a daily plethora of lies and outrages the likes of which the world has never seen.

What Trump and Bush have done is gut any sense of decency or moral high ground we ever had. Today, we have no more decency than Pol Pot’s Cambodia. The police summarily execute citizens on a regular basis. We make promises to our allies and break them. We make accords and pull out of them. Republicans have put or reputation as the beacon of light right in the toilet. It will take decades to undo the damage these rotten bastards have done to future generations. 

Whatever good we have done as a nation in the past will not mitigate the fact that Bush lied to start a war in which we killed over a million people and that out of sheer spite, Trump put our national security at risk by pulling us out of the Iran deal. Republicans have taken the beacon of light and thrown it in the sewer. Trump’s pay-to-play scheme has proven to the world that not only can the American president not be trusted, but that he is a bigger and more proficient crook than Nixon ever thought about. 

The constant braying about “no collusion” has fallen silent after Michael Avenatti revealed that a Russian oligarch deposited $500,000 into Michael Cohen’s account along with several other companies who deposited over $4 million into his “Essential Consultants” scam account. Whatever it is, it is at the very least a pay-to-play scenario involving a sanctioned Russian billionaire who’s cousin runs the Columbus Nova “investment group”. In an interesting bit of lawyer-speak, Columbus Nova put out a statement saying that the company was “entirely owned and operated by Americans.”

The problem is that Andrew Intrater is a Russian who recently became and American citizen. Intrater is the cousin of the sanctioned Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg. Intrater donated $250,000 to Trump’s inauguration fund and Columbus Nova gave Michael Cohen $500,000 for as of yet, unexplained reasons. This is most likely due to the Foreign Corrupt Business Act which Cohen appears to have violated. However Hannity might try to splice this, it will not change the fact that Russians were depositing cash into Trump’s personal attorney’s account for reasons only Robert Mueller knows and Michael Cohen will likely go to jail for.

The only thing which might redeem us before the world and most of our allies is to put Trump in prison. That is how grievous a wound he has inflicted on our country. He threatens the very principles that this country was founded upon. Trump is making enemies of our friends and friends of our enemies. Just today, Sarah Sanders had the audacity to say that this administration supports the free press after Trump tweeted this, this morning. 


This month, the Chinese have stopped purchasing American soybeans which is a $13 billion hit to American farmers. By withdrawing from the Iran deal, the $19 billion deal with Boeing which would have employed thousands of Americans for decades is now kaput. By withdrawing from the TPP, American beef farmers will face a 50% increased tariff in Japan which will also cost American farmers billions. By threatening Mexico about NAFTA, Mexico decided to buy their corn and other staples from Brazil which will cost American farmers billions. Trump’s stupidity is costing Americans a lot of money.

Gutting the Iran deal does help Russia and they are crowing about it on Russia TV.

What does a ‘good relationship’ with Russia do for Americans? They have an economy smaller than Italy. Are we going to open up markets in the biggest kleptocracy the world has ever known? Why does Trump show Russia so much favor? He is quite obviously being controlled by Putin. 

Vladimir Putin sent Russian mercenaries to attack American soldiers in Syria and Trump did nothing whatever to punish Putin! 

As a nation, we are going to have to confront a very ugly truth and that is that nearly half the people in this country are the victims of a tragically poor education system. If we are going to mitigate the harm they are doing, then we must be more clever and dedicated to expel the party they prefer to vote for. We need to get focused and it’s not about any of the starry-eyed happy things Democrats like to talk about. 

Should we ever win power again, we must first outlaw gerrymandering. That is something most Americans agree on. Democrats got nearly 3 million more votes than Republicans, but thanks to gerrymandering, Republicans won more seats. Lying, cheating and disenfranchisement are the only way a Republican can win. They are not interested in making it easier to vote because they know their base will vote with a religious devotion and Democrats will not if they have to stand in lines for hours on end. Every Republican governor has cut early voting in order to make it harder for Americans to vote because they are truly afraid if all Americans could vote easily. 

If we somehow manage to take power, we must also introduce a bill which will repeal every decision any criminal president who has resigned or been removed from office. Trump’s decisions with regards to Russia are 100% for the benefit of Russia. He’s been as hard on Russia launching a cube of jello from a slingshot.

We must codify into law that any Supreme Court vacancy be filled by the sitting President. We cannot ever reward skullduggery like Mitch McConnell’s ever again. The Supreme Court must become our focus because Citizen’s United is allowing all manners of malefactors to sway our elections with dark money. As history has proven here, fundraising has become the principal interest of legislators. We must change to publicly funded campaigns because we have all become the victims of K-Street’s evil trade as Mic Mulvaney proved just the other day when he admitted that pay-to-play is the rule, not the exception.

Our Constitution is designed for gradual change. If we accomplished these very difficult goals, then we lay the groundwork for single payer and other rational things to progress because health insurance companies know too well that single payer will be the end of them and they will not suddenly do what’s best for the country.

Write letters, drive people to polls, lick envelopes if you can, because sitting back and doing nothing will surely cause people of conscience more agony than suffering this crook’s kakistocracy soiling our White House today.

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Thomas is a disgruntled rake-hell full of piss and vinegar about this last election that he fully intends to unleash on the Goon Commander when he brings his gang of incorrigible reprobates into the White House.

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