32 New Manafort Indictments Show He Was Committing Crime During Campaign

So 32 new indictments handed down by Mueller. Manafort was committing crimes while working on the Trump campaign. Let me say this again, Manafort will die in prison if he is convicted. There are only two things that can happen. Trump can pardon him which will get him impeached or Manafort can cooperate with Mueller which also gets Trump impeached. If Trump fires Mueller, he also gets impeached. Don McGahn has likely explained this to Trump. He’s between a rock, hard place and a wood chipper. What do these indictments today mean? The. jig. is. up. Trump is going to let Manafort burn. That way he can say, ‘Manafort was a crook and a liar. How was I supposed to know? He was dealing with the Russians, not me!’

What Mueller is also saying is, “I know everything.” Now here’s where things will get very sticky for Trump. Who changed the Republican platform on Russia? It can only be Sam Clovis or Manafort. I am betting Manafort told Clovis to do it but it really does not matter. The point is, a Russian working on behalf of Putin told the Trump campaign to do it. Somewhere, there is evidence of this either in wire intercepts or email. There *must be* a quid pro quo deal here. What inspired these idiots to do a 180 on the Republican platform? There are only three possibilities for this treasonous action, they did it for money, because of the pee tape or both. There are no other possibilities.

Now imagine you’re Christopher Steele for a minute. He is a respected operator in the intelligence business. He has spent decades being an honest broker of information. He takes his reputation. very. seriously. A single lie, a single deception could wreck him. Nothing in the dossier has been disproven. Everything in it that can be confirmed has been confirmed. It bothered Putin so much that he murdered one of Steele’s informants. If you’re an old KGB agent, you don’t murder someone because they gave false information. So Steele hears about the pee tape. He knows this is merely raw intelligence and it is not something to just put out there. He obviously got this from a source he had confidence in because if it is a lie, Steele would become a laughing-stock among his colleagues in the intelligence community.

In the charges listed today, one of the talking points in a Manafort memo applying to work for the Trump campaign is that he “was not looking for a paid position.” Why pray tell was Manafort willing to work for free? Because he wasn’t. He was working for Russia and that my friends *is* colluding with Russia.

Here’s more on the Manafort indictments.


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