If All You Do Is Send Thoughts And Prayers, You Are Complicit In These Murders

Just cut the crap already. Stop it. Stop sending your damn prayers. Prayers don’t change evil hearts. Prayers don’t keep depraved souls from buying guns designed solely for mass killings. Prayers don’t put a wall of protection around innocent people. Prayers don’t stop bullets. Prayers don’t bring back precious lives ripped from this life by barbaric animals equipped with instruments of destruction supplied by complicit gun dealers and enabled by craven conservative congressmen corrupted by the noxious stream of filthy lucre flowing from the bowels of the NRA.

If prayers to God protected innocent people, 26 precious souls wouldn’t be lying dead on the floor of God’s House in Sutherland Springs. Nine precious souls of color wouldn’t have been executed during Bible study at God’s House in Charleston.

If prayers were the answer to stopping evil; if prayers were the answer to protecting the innocent, you would be down on your knees pleading the spilled blood of Jesus instead of spilling the blood of American soldiers on foreign soil in the quest to stop ISIS.

Why don’t you just pray about ISIS and bring our troops home? Why don’t you just pray about the border and forget about the wall? Why don’t you just pray about keeping terrorist out of the country and forget about the vetting?

Because you know, as well as I know, prayer does not stop evil.

Not even in the House of God.

After multiple mass shootings with assault weapons, Bush and conservatives lifted Clinton’s ban on assault weapons.

After multiple mass shootings by mentally-deranged shooters, Trump revoked President Obama’s order requiring Social Security to report to background-checking databases, the names of people who are receiving monthly checks for mental disability.

After multiple mass shootings with guns, no new regulations were placed on gun manufacturers or gun dealers.

But after multiple truck-ramming incidents, law enforcement officers were dispatched to teach rental companies how to profile for bad people with evil intent.

When 58 people were killed by a gun in Vegas, conservatives said there’s no way to stop evil; it’s just the price of living in an open society.

But when 8 were killed by a truck in New York, your evangelical president said evil CAN be thwarted; we simply need to make extreme vetting more extreme.

When 58 were killed by a gun in Vegas, conservatives said it was too early to talk about it; that it was disrespectful to the families to discuss it; that it was “politicizing tragedy” to explore ways to prevent it from happening again.

But when 8 were killed by a truck in New York, your evangelical president was tweeting about it the next day – families and politicizing and prevention, be damned.

When I buy a box of 96-count Wal-Phed from Walgreens, my driver’s license are scanned into a national database to keep track of how many pseudoephedrine tablets I buy. If I drive over to Alabama and try to buy a second box, I can be arrested and sent to prison and fined $5,000, because the daily limit is 146 tablets.

But I can buy 10,000 bullets in Alabama and come back to Georgia and buy 10,000 more and never show a license or raise an eyebrow.

If you don’t support banning assault weapons; if you don’t support banning high-capacity magazines; if you don’t support banning bump-stocks; if you don’t support limiting the number of guns a person can buy; if you don’t support limiting the number of bullets a person can buy; if you don’t support a national database to profile and analyze all potential gun purchasers before any gun is purchased; if you don’t support requiring mental health professionals to report names to that database; if you don’t support a national gun registry to keep track of all gun purchases and all guns purchased…

Then get up off your knees and quit praying; stop posting your sanctimonious “prayers;” stop framing your profile pic with “prayers;” stop tweeting your “prayers. Your prayers are completely ineffectual because they’re not fervent and you’re not righteous.

You can’t hand candy to a baby and then pray to God that she won’t eat it. You can’t blast holes in a dam and then pray to Holy God to stop the flood. You can’t massacre an innocent people and then pray to God to stop terrorists from avenging the blood of their loved ones.

Your prayers are meaningless because your hands are not clean.

The blood of every precious innocent soul that has spilled out on to the floors of churches and movie theaters and schools and concert venues, is on your hands.

Because as long as you believe the Second Amendment was etched into stone by the finger of Almighty God on the foggy top of Mount Sinai and written into the Holy Word by two spirit-filled Corinthians; as long as you pitch high-holy fits and hyperventilate and intentionally bear false witness that your “guns are being taken away” every time we try to pass sensible gun regulations; as long as you try to justify your inaction by believing and spreading lies hatched in the pit of Hell by depraved and deceptive conservatives who photoshop screenshots and twist facts to try to make it appear that gun violence is carried out by liberals instead of Neanderthals in existential mode guided by their reptilian brains that sense white males are losing their hold on modern society…

…you are complicit in this evil; you are aiding and abetting the utter destruction and untold misery of countless families grieving the loss of life you so callously helped cause.

You need to be on your knees. You need to fold your blood-soaked hands from which crimson rivers of the lives of others flow and ask God to open your heart and shine his light into the dark place of your soul that allows you to align yourself with this unspeakable evil.

About Craig Hardegree 10 Articles
Weepy emotional gender-fluid lawyer. Woke writer. Feminine feminist. Empathetic snowflake. Schooled in Sociology; reared in Pentecostal fundamentalism.

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