This Teacher Gives An Epic Thrashing To Kentucky Republicans (VIDEO)

Ever since Republicans let Matt Bevin slither into office, the only thing that has perplexed the political sages is whether or not he, Sam Brownback or Paul LaPage would win the title of the worst governor in the nation. In sheer damage inflicted to their own state, Brownback is an international world champion. But that has not stopped pundits from wondering who is truly the dumbest governor in the land? To be as evil as Brownback is, does take a degree of Lex Luther literacy that bungling Bevin does not have.

In a long field of truly imbecilic Republican governors, Bevin shines like the North Star in the constellation fatuous nincompoopery. Bevin has the ethical mantra of a common pit viper and the brains of a gnat. After a flurry of homicides in Louisville, Bevin enlisted a group of prayer warriors to ask god to stop the murders. A sitting governor thinks prayers will stop homicides.

Bevin is an evangelical christian that doesn’t want to feed the poor nor heal the sick which is why he has cut both food programs and sabotaged the ACA as much as he could because lazy poor people shouldn’t get free stuff which is strange coming from a dyed-in-the-wool hypocrite who bought a $1.2 million mansion in the plush community of Anchorage from one of his boosters for just $800,000. Anyone else who pulled that kind of deal would be looking at a few years in Club Fed but not with Jeff Sessions running the Justice Department.

Bevin has enraged Kentucky teachers after saying that teachers were hoarding their sick days in order to game the system to boost their retirement. Kentucky’s retirement systems are underfunded to the tune of $33 billion thanks to decades of politicians playing kick the can. Bevin’s idiotic remark didn’t endear him to the Teacher’s Union that he hates. Bevin and Kentucky Republicans passed the “right to work” laws that Republican governors have used to bust state unions with and fire tenured professors at their state universities.

When faced with underfunded pension obligations, other governors have sought new revenue streams but as previously mentioned, Bevin is an imbecile and a Christian. Kentucky is well-known for horse racing and Kentucky race tracks have been tired of watching Kentucky gambling dollars flowing to Indiana and Ohio casinos. To an evangelical like Bevin, gambling is agin the bible and ain’t no good like book learnin.

Kentucky’s largest cash crop is not tobacco or even corn, it’s marijuana. Cannabis would be a boon to Kentucky’s languishing tax revenues but Jesus is agin the devil’s weed and of course, what about the children? So the two easiest remedies to fix Kentucky’s pension woes are off the table thanks to Bevin’s religious beliefs.

Bevin is a huge supporter of public vouchers for religious schools because like all Republicans, he wants to keep the populace as ignorant as possible because smart, well-informed people never vote Republican. So what is a perfectly designed imbecile to do to get these fat cat teacher’s off the state dole? Bevin’s plan is to get these lazy teachers off the pension plan and into a 401k plan that can be managed by his buddies on Wall Street.

Kentucky Teachers negotiated an inviolable contract which prevents this exact thing from happening but things like contracts and laws have not stopped Bevin from trying to shut down abortion clinics in Kentucky even though federal courts keep slapping down his executive directives, he still tries to cut funding to Planned Parenthood.

Last December, Republicans finally won both houses and the governorship and they have been happy to help Bevin stick it to every union in the state but few are hated by Republicans more than the Kentucky Teacher’s Association because historically, they don’t vote Republican and Bevin has made sure they never will. This is why Republicans are more than happy to tear up contracts and supplant a pension system with a much cheaper 401k plan.

Kentucky teachers keep getting the blunt end of the cutting stick even though they often spend their own money to furnish their students with supplies. Others have adopted the children of opioid addicts which has ravaged the state. Bevin has made it perfectly clear that he has as much use for public education as Betsy DeVos does and would like nothing more to turn educating children back over to the church.

At a meeting in Knox county, teacher Christina Frederick-Trosper aired some of her grievances at a town hall meeting and it deserves a standing ovation.


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