Schwarzenegger Goes ‘Terminator’ On Partisan Gerrymandering As The SCOTUS Hears Case

Arnold Schwarzenegger

An issue of incredible importance appeared before the Supreme Court today. They heard oral arguments in the case of Gill v. Whitford, which will determine if partisan gerrymandering will be able to continue in America.

Gerrymandering gives an unfair political advantage to parties that draw their district maps to essentially pick their own voters. Now former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has come out to say, literally, “Hasta la vista!” to gerrymandering as we await the news on the SCOTUS ruling.

“You know it is a rigged system. You know it’s a system where the politicians are picking the voters rather than the voters picking the politicians. So I say this time, to say Hasta la vista to gerrymandering! And it is time to terminate gerrymandering. Thank you,” Arnold said to applause.

MSNBC producer, Kyle Griffin, posted a video of Arnold, as he went Terminator on gerrymandering:

Schwarzenegger maintains that Congress would never fix the problem, because they seek only to stay in power.

Walter Shaub, Former Director of the US Office of Gov’t Ethics, posted a video of a large crowd that had assembled in D.C. to lend their support to ending partisan gerrymandering.

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) posted in support of ending the practice too:

Gerrymandering increases partisanship, paralyzes governance & weakens trust in democracy. SCOTUS should end this practice in #GillvWhitford.

Investigative Journalist, Ari Berman appears in a video from, explaining why the case about one of the most egregious Republican gerrymandered maps is so important for America. He calls it “potentially transformative.”

Vox reported on the case, Gill v. Whitford, and how two academics propose to create a new precedent for fair representation in drawing district maps. This means fair regardless of political party. Imagine that in today’s world!

A University of Chicago law professor, Nicholas Stephanopolous and a political scientist, Eric McGhee are proposing a new standard called the “efficiency gap” that measures the number of “wasted votes” for each political party in a district map. They propose a threshold of 7 percent, whereas the gerrymandered Wisconsin map in the case favored Republicans by 13 percent, giving a “massive advantage to Republicans.

Justice Kennedy will be a pivotal voice that could return democracy to the people or see that gerrymandering remains a way for politicians to rig the system. Really, it’s cheating that been used for far too long.

Justice Editor at Think Progress, Ian Millhiser indicates that he believes the votes will declare Wisconsin’s gerrymandered map unconstitutional.

Keep your fingers crossed! We’re hoping that Schwarzenegger’s wish to terminate gerrymandering comes true today.

Feature image: Screenshot via Twitter

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