If Trump Leaked His Own Taxes, This May Be Why 2005

Why trump taxes 2015 were released.
Trump taxes from 2005 were leaked. Why?

Trump 2005 Taxes were leaked and Rachel Maddow published them. Many were disappointed, not only were they from 2005 but they did not have all of the supporting pages, just the top two. He paid taxes, and nearly a fair share of them — which was shocking. There are a lot of questions, though, and one of them is how the two different years of Trump taxes we have seen are so different. And why this particular year was leaked. The answer may be very simple.

Trump married a non-citizen in 2005.

Why that matters is that as her sponsor, and joint filer, their joint returns were required to be made available to the federal government in order for her to remain here on a Greencard, and again to get her citizenship. You have to show that you have no problems with the IRS to become naturalized.

She was naturalized and received her citizenship in 2006, freeing them from that requirement.

The 2005 tax returns are stamped, “Client Copy.” So they were from his inner circle at some point.  they were given as part of a loan application or stolen, or as some have opined, he leaked them himself: they passed through his hands.

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If indeed, those tax returns were leaked by him or a person close to him, the one year in his past you can guarantee he would have dotted his “Is” and crossed his “Ts,” shown a profit and paid taxes would have been in 2005. He was filing jointly with a woman who would not get naturalized as a citizen if she had blemished tax papers. That year had to be perfect.

This one year could likely be the most flattering to him of any year. And since we have seen other years that are the polar opposite of this year, e.g. showing a 1 Billion dollar loss, we can’t just assume they are all this, well, Boy Scout-ishly perfect. In fact, Trump could lay those thoughts to rest by releasing all the years since 2005 up until the ones supposedly still under audit… what are the chances of that?

This means that the person who leaked them had a much higher probability of this coming off making Trump look decent. Why would someone choose that particular year if they had intended to embarrass him or do his reputation harm? It seems that this year would flatter Trump, and that isn’t the choice of someone opposing him.

This is not definitive proof that he leaked them nor even someone close to him, though it seems that the evidence is mounting for that. However, the fact stands, due to the federal immigration oversight of his tax returns before Melania was a citizen, in 2006 and during their marriage, in 2005 that single year was most likely the most meticulous, by the book year on record for Trump.

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