More Republican Heartburn: Ten Major GOP’ers Who Refuse To Vote For Trump

Well it certainly took long enough for the few sane Republicans left to notice that their party was falling all over itself to support a man who has been diagnosed as a textbook narcissist by a top U.S. psychologist.

Trump’s behavior on the campaign trail has revealed that he’s a man who doesn’t mind rallying the choicest of bigots, xenophobes, and misogynists to his side if they can proffer up a vote to help inflate his giant orange head. America has been watching in horrific dismay as the worst elements of society have been promising to ignore any and all words that Trump spouts, just as long as he pops in a “Make America Great Again!’ here and there. Nevermind who he offends along the way, or that his greatest qualification to be President is that he knows how to make a sound bite for the media he excoriates for any and all criticism.

It seems that Trump’s ”political outsider” appeal, that supposedly attracted his fans, has finally crossed the line. His followers can no longer claim it’s refreshingly blunt, anti-political correctness, undisguised speech –that he’s just a guy who says it like it is in low brow fashion. Trump’s mistake: Darth Donald’s galactic ego is prone to attack anybody and everybody who questions him, and this time he attacked a Judge with the same belligerent style that he would one of his own Corporate lackeys.

He managed to imply that Judge Gonzalo Curiel could not be impartial solely because of his ethnicity, and thus made his racists tendencies just a bit too obvious for the GOP establishment’s liking. They like their bigotry veiled, at least slightly. This exposure to the mainstream sun has really burned them all to a crisp lately, and so now there is no choice but to come out against Trump (in public at least.).

There are so many people in the GOP now being forced to distance themselves from Trump.

The Top 10 List of GOPers who are (publicly at least) denouncing Trump:

  1. These guys! 
From Wikipedia
From Wikipedia

All living past Presidents and current President Obama. This has to be number one, because these guys know what the job entails, and not even George W will endorse Donald.

2. Speaker of the House – Paul Ryan

flickr -Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 2.0)
flickr –Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Now this guy perhaps best personifies the hypocrisy of the GOP. Simultaneously continuing to support Trump as an alternative to Hillary while acknowledging that Trump’s comments about Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel were “the textbook definition of a racist comment.”

Ryan has shown some uncertainty in backing Trump, but in the end, he gets in bed with the racists anyhow.  I keep him on the list anyway, as his meaningless show of reluctance probably best typifies the Republican approach to bigotry in 2016. Mitch McConnell took a similar approach to Paul Ryan – making sure to say that he disagreed with Trump’s statements, while refusing to acknowledge the obvious racism.

3. The Koch Brothers and their suckers/network 

Flickr - DonkeyHotey (CC BY 2.0)
Flickr – DonkeyHotey (CC BY 2.0)

These Grand Puppet-masters of the GOP have been totally derailed by Trump despite all their donor dollars. Trump has referred to the Koch’s network as “puppets” himself. While they seem to be eerily silent on the matter of Trump, much has been written about the fact that they are threatened by Trump’s unpredictability. He’s a guy they can’t tame and subvert to their corporate will. He is also so inflammatory that they probably fear making outward attacks against him would bring retaliation by Trump, exposing the Koch shadow government more-so in the public eye.

They have likely been hoping Trump will self-implode of his own doing, which seems to be how it’s playing out now. Is Ted Cruz, even now, working out a way in the shadows that they can take out Trump and reclaim a path to the White House?

4. Former GOP presidential candidates Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, with Marco Rubio thrown in for good measure

Flickr - DonkeyHotey (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Flickr – DonkeyHotey (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Of course, nobody is surprised that Ted Cruz dislikes Trump anymore, considering the feud of wife insults that took place recently, but it is telling that these three of the GOP Clown Car have made public statements condemning Trump’s comments against Judge Curiel.

Cruz had this to say to NBC News: “Of course, it’s inappropriate to be attacking a federal judge’s race or ethnicity. You’re going to have to ask Donald to explain the reason he says the things he does. I’m not going to try to do so.”

Marco Rubio says “I warned you,” after previously endorsing Trump, racism and all. (How convenient.) I suppose I’ll give Jeb Bush honorable mention here too, for joining with the other Bushes against Trump.

5. Mitt Romney – 2012 GOP nominee, former Massachusetts governor

From Wikipedia
From Wikipedia

Mittens has perhaps been the most adamantly anti-Trump of all. He attacked Trump on everything from Trump’s admiration of Vladimir Putin, to his tax returns, to his bigotry against Muslims and Mexicans. “This is the very brand of anger that has led other nations into the abyss.”

I flinch in agony knowing that I find myself agreeing with the guy who said “Corporations are people, my friend.”

6. Justice Don Willett, Supreme Court of Texas

From The Justice's active Twitter page
From The Justice’s active Twitter page

This guy has to make the list, because Trump included him on a list of eleven federal judges he would consider nominating to the Supreme Court, though Willett has been lampooning Trump mercilessly on Twitter over the past year. One of the funniest ones was when he Tweeted that he thought Donald was Ruth Bader Ginsburg in disguise.

7. Mark Salter, former aide and speechwriter for Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.)

Salter makes this list because not only does he renounce Donald Trump completely, he goes so far as to say he’ll vote for Hillary Clinton instead. He also compared Trump to P.T. Barnum With Bad Hair, What poetic accuracy!

8. David Ross Meyers, former White House staffer under George W. Bush, former communications adviser for the Senate Republican Leadership

Picture from Mr. Meyer's article on Fox News
Picture from Mr. Meyer’s article on Fox News

Another Republican who will back Hillary Clinton, he deserves to be in the top 10 for noticing, “The entire country seems to be falling down the rabbit hole.” in support of Trump.

“He is exactly the kind of demagogue that our founders feared might try to seek the Presidency for his own personal gain.”

He also wins a place for destroying “opportunistic politicians, like Governors Chris Christie,” who will support Trump apparently no matter what.

9. Lindsey Graham, former candidate and senior United States Senator from South Carolina

From Wikipedia
From Wikipedia

Graham makes the list for calling for take-backs on those Republicans who previously endorsed Trump. Following Trump’s Judge comments. Graham says that Trump’s comment were “the most un-American thing from a politician since Joe McCarthy.”

Graham told the New York Times: “If anybody was looking for an off-ramp, this is probably it.”

10. Illinois Senator Mark Kirk -Republican

Kirk had compared Trump to a “riverboat gamble” in May, though Trump won the Illinois primary.

Following the now notorious Judge comments, he tweeted this:

So there you have it -the top 10, but there are sooooo many more to put on this list! It seems that the GOP’s self-implosion today will have ramifications that will play out for a very long time. What plans are they forming behind the scenes to recover from Trump’s outing them all for their incorporation of racist, xenophobic, misogynist sentiments for so many decades? Why has it taken them so very long before coming out and stating that they won’t tolerate bigots, or is it truly that they just don’t want them so completely unveiled? Too little. Too late.

Time will tell what happens next…but as for me, I think the current state they are in is well-deserved and about time!


Featured image composite from Wikipedia/Pixabay

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Matthew Silvan is a gay man from the American South who has spent years fighting against the scapegoating and demonization imposed on the LGBT community by Republicans and religious hypocrites and zealots. His writing reflects the constant struggle to overcome the inequality and discrimination still rampant in America. He is an advocate for diversity and progress, with a passion for nature and preserving the environment, who also tends to approach things in a lighthearted way despite it all.

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