The 10 Biggest Differences Between Donald Trump And Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban Trump's biggest fear
Mark Cuban shuts down Trump twitter attack as NY post reports he is Trump's biggest fear.

Mark Cuban, the billionaire who is best known these days for his NBA team and his role on the show ‘Shark Tank’ once again made headlines in the political arena when it was announced that he would be attending the big debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. In fact, Cuban will be in the front row. This apparently got deep under Trump’s skin as he attempted to retaliate by promising that Bill Clinton’s former mistress, Gennifer Flowers would also be in attendance. After the bone-headedness of Trump’s ‘counter’ became obvious, even to Trump, his surrogates quietly announced that the plan to have her attend would be nixed, even trying to write it off as a ‘joke.’

Cuban has often been a critic of Trump and a thorn in his side. Unlike some of Trump’s other critics, Trump can’t claim that he’s more successful or really any type of ‘ad hominem’ attack to try to bully or deflect Cuban. The two billionaires are about as opposite as they come when one takes a closer look. Here are 10 differences that stand out under the microscope …

Difference number 1 — Their Roots

Trump — Grew up with just about every privilege one could want. His father was a millionaire and sent Trump to private schools.

Cuban — Grew up in a working-class family where his father was a car upholsterer and his mother took what work she could find at any given time.

Difference number 2 — Paying For College

Trump — Daddy paid.

Cuban — Worked multiple jobs to pay for school. While Trump attended The Wharton School of Business on daddy’s dime, Cuban did things like bartend, sell garbage bags door to door and teach people to dance to pay for his schooling. He transferred from the University of Pittsburgh to The University of Indiana (Bloomington) because it was the most affordable one in the top 10 at the time.

Difference number 3 — Starting Their Career

Trump — Daddy gave son a million bucks. Trump also benefitted from his father’s corporate, banking and other business connections to help him succeed.

Cuban — Self-made. After college, Cuban continued to bartend and work in sales until he had scraped enough together to start his own small business on a shoestring budget.

Difference number 4 — Owning A Sports Team

Trump — Owned a failed team in a failed league (USFL) that lasted only a few years before going belly-up. Furthermore, many contend that Trump himself was responsible for the league’s demise.

Cuban — Owns the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA, a longtime and established major sports league. Cuban bought the team in 2000 for about 285 million. Today they are estimated to be worth about 1.15 billion.  When Cuban bought the team, they were losing money. Today, they are one of the most profitable franchises around.

Difference number 5 — Investing In A Company That Sells Alcohol.

Trump — Invested in a small high-end company and renamed it ‘Trump Vodka,’ a disaster.

Cuban — Investor in Avion Tequila, a very successful brand by any measure.

Difference Number 6 — Spouse(s)

Trump — Three wives, two divorces. Trump even bragged about his cheating ways in the past.

Cuban — One wife, his high school sweetheart. No credible source has ever reported any infidelity.

Difference Number 7 — Bankruptcies

Trump — At least four, though some outlets have reported that The Donald has no less than six under his belt.

Cuban — Zero.

Difference Number 8 — Employee Relations

Trump — Reports have shown Trump stiffing workers and contractors. He will not allow unions into his hotel in Las Vegas which has prompted strikes and strife. Said in a debate last year that he thinks working people are making too much money,

Cuban — Of course, his main investment, The Dallas Mavericks, are fully unionized as are many of the industries around it. In addition to that, Cuban has gone out of his way to keep ticket prices low to be fan friendly (for fans who aren’t wealthy). Also, people go on Shark Tank every week and beg Cuban to be their boss and where his show is all about hiring people and investing in them, Trump’s show, The Apprentice, was all about firing people.

Difference number 9 — Billionaire Status

Trump — Some question whether Trump is really worth what he claims. Trump has refused to release his tax returns to prove it. Some say Trump is really only a billionaire via creative accounting vs actually having a billion dollars liquid.

Cuban — No one questions his worth, which is estimated at about 3.3 billion dollars by Forbes Magazine.

Difference number 10 — Charitable Donations

Trump — The Donald was recently caught stiffing veterans charities, among others, and only paid up when that news went public, months after the money was promised. His own foundation has been found to be guilty of illegally donating to political campaigns at least one occasion definitively and other instances have come to light that are being investigated. Trump is known for bragging about his charitable giving, which is now being questioned as evidence that he actually uses other people’s money and gives that away or uses it to buy things like paintings of himself.

Cuban — Has a charity that does nothing but gives to veterans. Tends to be very low key about his giving and reportedly does at least most of it out of his own pocket vs his foundation’s.

Of course, this list could go on and on. For example, Cuban has never had a woman accuse him of rape, Trump has multiple ones including one that is ongoing vs a 13-year-old girl.  But that aside, is it these differences that make such a seemingly ‘strong’ individual panic and lash out just because Cuban will happen to be in the audience for Monday’s debate?

Cuban, for his part, doesn’t shy away from getting in Trump’s face. Cuban has offered 10 million to the charity of Trump’s choice if he can just interview him. Trump has refused to take him up on the offer. Then there was the time when Cuban took Trump to the woodshed on Stephen Colbert’s show in what was called a ‘billionaire b*tch slap.’ Check it out below;





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