This Viral Video Exposing Senate Wealthcare Bill Will Leave You Speechless (VIDEO)

On Thursday, we finally learned of all the horrifying details in the Senate’s version of the Obamacare repeal that was written in secret. Much like how hot dogs are made, you can see why they didn’t want any human eyes seeing how vile this thing actually was. Although not quite as deadly and heartless as the House version, the cuts to Medicaid prove it to be yet another reverse Robinhood act.

The political consequences that might arise of this bill have caused concern for some moderate Republican senators and with god reason. Case in point, a severely disabled boy living on Medicaid.

In a truly incredible appearance on MSNBC, Mike Phillips, a severely physically disabled young man living with spinal muscular atrophy. told Ari Melber how Medicaid has saved his life. Hie mother, who also appeared in the segment, explained how Republican plans for taking a chainsaw to Medicaid could result in her son’s death.

Phillips’ situation happens to be very extreme, but the fact remains that he’s being left in the same rickety boat as millions of other Americans. Moreover, working Americans who have severely benefited from President Obama’s signature healthcare policy. Indeed, there are a great many problems with Obamacare and not all of the repeals are bad, but never could we imagine the American Psycho repeal that we’re getting.

Watch the very poignant interview below:

Featured image via YouTube

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