State GOP Page Asked For Obamacare Horror Stories, It Went Horribly Wrong For Them

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The ACA, or Obamacare, has helped millions, about 20 million, actually, live a better life. So, when the Indiana GOP decided to ask people for their Obamacare horror stories, it went predictably badly for them. There were a handful of “my premium went up” comments in the over 800 stories of how the ACA was such a horror story that it saved their lives. Well, that was on Monday night, by Tuesday, it would have over 1,600 shares and over 2,000 comments. The common thread? The ACA (Obamacare) saved American lives.

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has some problems, it needs to be fixed, and the GOP has made the market so unstable, on purpose, that insurers are pulling out of the marketplace, but overall — the ACA worked.

Well, except for this guy who is overjoyed that he lost his job:

“I lost my job because of Obamacare. As a volunteer physician and medical director of a free clinic in Crown Point, my job became unnecessary when the patients who had previously been uninsured were able to obtain coverage.” What a tragedy…

The stories rolled in, nurses, doctors, and patients almost all saying the same thing — this allowed me to survive, it gave me the opportunity to be educated, to plan my family, to start my own business, to insure my employees at my small business… Literally story after story of benefit, life-saving, and oh, the horror, freedom to pursue happiness:

The Indiana GOP played themselves, they opened the door, believing the propaganda — but for every story of “I had to pay more” hundreds of stories of lives saved, educations earned, surgeries performed without crushing debt, and those with chronic illness experiencing a quality of life they didn’t know before, rolled in.

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Another common theme, no lifetime/yearly caps on care. Because our healthcare system is so substandard, so expensive, and our pharmaceuticals are apparently dipped in gold, people were able to meet their lifetime caps easily, sometimes in infancy.

Obamacare ended that.

It seems they simply just trolled themselves. Seriously:

This country needs health care, and the ACA needs improvement. But the ACA didn’t cause the horror stories, the GOP did in their pursuit of throwing everyone they could off of it. They destabilized the market, and they did it on purpose (looking at you, Marco Rubio).

One can only hope that the GOP will take this seriously and that they actually realize that by and large, this bill saved lives and improved the quality of life for millions of Americans. Those Americans are going to know that the GOP took that away from them, and that will drive them to the polls. Democrats put the ACA out there for the people, the GOP undermined and sabotaged the marketplace and is now trying to kill it.

Remember, resist, vote.

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