Is Your Life Worth More Than $250k? House Republicans Pass New Bill That Says It’s Not

paul ryan ignores indictments focuses on punishing poor.

Healthcare has been under a barrage of attacks from Republicans for the last 7 years. Now that they finally have the majority in the House and Senate, you would think they would have had a plan all ready to go. Nope. They can’t agree on just how many Americans they should screw out of healthcare. But one thing they can agree on is the approximate value of a human life. The number Paul Ryan and his cronies came up with is $250,000 USD. Minus lawyer fees, of course.

Meet the new House bill Paul Ryan is just so ecstatic over having passed: the Protecting Access to Care Act. Or as we have grown fond of calling it: the Target The Poor And Protect Big Insurers Act.

We already know that anything Republicans do for healthcare will be to accomplish the feat of throwing people off of it. Just look at their current healthcare bill. In order to save money for an upcoming massive tax cut for the rich, Republicans will jettison some 22 million people from the healthcare system. The bill could actually kill more people than gun homicides. It isn’t a healthcare bill, it’s a tax cut that requires a blood sacrifice to be brought to fruition.

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Taking a look at Paul Ryan’s proud achievement, we already know it’s going to be bad. So let’s dig in and find out just how this shafts the American people.

First and foremost, the bill caps medical malpractice noneconomic damages in lawsuits at just $250,000 USD. This may sound like a lot of money to many, and it is a pretty decent chunk of change. But is it enough?

Paul Ryan thinks it is. Ryan believes your pain and suffering, no matter how great, could never be worth more than $250,000.

To add insult to injury, this monstrosity Ryan is touting like some great achievement targets the needy like a laser beam:

“This bill establishes provisions governing health care lawsuits where coverage for the care was provided or subsidized by the federal government, including through a subsidy or tax benefit. The bill does not preempt certain state laws and federal vaccine injury laws and rules.”

So basically, this bill applies to those receiving any benefit from the Affordable Care Act a.k.a ObamaCare. But it also targets veterans, the elderly, and anyone that receives any medical subsidy or entitlement from the U.S government.

To add insult to injury, Republicans placed a provision in the bill that supersedes state’s rights. The party of “let the state decide what’s best,” is using the power of the federal government to override those same exact rights. Make sure you keep that in mind when it comes time to elect your next Congressman.

There is still time to apply pressure to Senators. Make phone calls, show up at offices, and do it during the July 4th recess. If you don’t know which politician to go after, here is a directory where they can be found.

It seems only the pressure of the people will keep this monstrous bill from making its way to Trump.

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