The Republican Budget: A How To In Sabotaging America’s Economy And Health Care At Once

Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan

Leave it to the Republicans in Congress: For seven years they worked to repeal Obamacare only to reveal the real plan had always been to remove care from millions of Americans. Since that failed, for the second time in two months time – with a Republican majority in the House and Senate – they are resorting to achieving their ends another way.

Now they are hoping to slash Medicaid and Medicare in their new proposed budget. Oh, and of course, there are reports on the Trump administration’s continued deliberate sabotage of the ACA, even after the resignation of Tom Price, the corrupt Health and Human Services Secretary.

Senator Bernie Sanders has the break-down of the Medicaid and Medicare cuts thanks to Republicans:

The Republican budget cuts Medicaid by over $1 trillion and Medicare by $473 billion over 10 years. Mr. Trump: promise to veto this budget.

Sanders retweeted the campaign promise of Trump in 2015, who claimed, “I was the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid. Huckabee copied me.”

Trump made another similar claim, “I am going to save Medicare and Medicaid, Carson wants to abolish, and failing candidate Gov. John Kasich doesn’t have a clue – weak!”

The Senate Budget Committee Minority Staff, led by Sanders, released a report on the Republican budget entitled, “Republican Budget Priorities: Tax Breaks For Billionaires, Cuts To Medicare And Medicaid.”

The report of the Republican budget reads like an absolute assault on working Americans:

“In total, the Republican budget would cut more than $5 trillion over the next decade from education, health care, affordable housing, child care, nutrition assistance, transportation and other programs that working people desperately need,” states the report.

“The budget would make it harder for children to get a decent education, harder for families to get the health care they desperately need, harder for families to put food on the table, harder to protect our environment and harder for the elderly to live their retirement years in dignity.”

As we might all predict by now, the top 1 percent would stand to receive 80 percent of the benefits of the Republican tax plan. Meanwhile, the wealth and income inequality in America now rivals only the 1920s, years leading up to the Great Depression.

Despite the plea from experts like Robert Reich, warning America that the real problem in America is the enormous gap between the wealthiest Americans and the working class, Republicans double down, which ultimately is an act of sabotage, is it not? They not only want to sabotage our health care but our economy too.

Republicans do, however, remain prioritized on inflating the military, asking for an increase of $91 billion to the Pentagon for the Fiscal Year 2018 alone – “more than enough to provide free tuition at every public college and university in America.”

The Senate Democrats Twitter released a video of Sanders speaking on the Republican budget, which Sander says would move America into an Oligarchy – A Robin Hood in reverse.

Feature image: Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell screenshot via YouTube

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