Joy Reid Exposes Tom Reed’s “Medicaid Reform” As Nothing But A Tax Windfall For The Wealthy (Video)

There is a reason few Republicans go on Joy Reid’s “AM Joy” show. Some do and usually end up getting schooled like Tom Reid did this weekend. Reed represents New York’s 23rd district. A district that through the AHCA, will now be “relieved” of 100% of their Medicaid tax burden should the law take effect. Yes, you read that correct — it will now be against the law for any of Reed’s or any of the largely GOP-controlled districts in New York to pay any taxes towards Medicaid. (See video below …) 

In the interview, Reed tried to contend that his district is essentially “impoverished” and have an average income of about 30,000 dollars a year. The NY Congressman insisted on this to the point that Joy actually conceded that point for the sake of continuing the conversation — but she shouldn’t have. A quick Google search on the 23rd district shows that the median income is almost 45,000 dollars, not 30.

That wasn’t the main thrust of the debate, however. The main point that Joy Reid wanted to make was that this bill is all about tax cuts for the wealthy, at the expense and detriment of a major swath of America’s most vulnerable Americans. She pointed out the facts. The fact that the tax cuts that the wealthiest would enjoy range between almost 2,800 dollars for those at the top 20 percent to a staggering 207,000 dollars for the top .1 percent. The rest of us get “beer money” —  a paltry 265 bucks.

Reid also laid out the facts that Medicaid pays for about 20 percent of all American’s health care. About half of births are paid for by Medicaid and 65 percent of nursing home care is paid for by the program as well. Reed thinks these are the people that “have their boot on the neck” of the healthcare system. He wants to take about 25 percent of those people — those giving birth, children, and seniors, and leave them with nothing. Reed believes that the rich are the real victims here, and deserves reparations.

Reed described his plan as “reform.” Joy made is abundantly clear that this wasn’t reform, it is just a tax cut for the wealthy. A tax cut that will directly cause Americans to suffer.

“So what you are essentially saying is that taxpayers can’t afford to pay for healthcare for the poor, so the poor should simply receive less healthcare.” Reid then showed statistics that show that if Reed and the GOP’s plan goes through, between 17 thousand and 22 thousand people will die annually when the rug is pulled out from under them. She finished by saying, “So, if you actually take away the money for people to get healthcare, they can’t get healthcare. So what you are saying is that taxpayers are more important than the sick.” 

Reid then went on to show how Reed praised that measure that eliminated their tax burden and how he never mentions anything about reform, just tax cuts. She made it very clear where the New York Republican’s heart and mind really was.  Reed tried to explain that we can’t fully fund Medicaid because those moochers will just want more and more. He used eloquent language to essentially say that we should give them less and that would be the  “reward.” How someone would be “rewarded” by getting less money is a total mystery to anyone with a brain, however.

I expect there might be less GOPers going on AM Joy in the coming weeks.

Check out Joy Reid and Tom Reed’s exchange below:

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