The Internet Trolled Trumpcare With Site Redirect And It’s Hilarious

I know what you’re thinking: yet another article about the abomination known as Trumpcare. Yes, how refreshing. But here’s the thing: until this monstrosity dies in the Senate, we will not stop talking about it. Even then, the Republicans in the House wanted this horrendous, slow painful death for American people. They don’t get a pass on that. However, that doesn’t mean everything has to be serious.

Despite the fact that the GOP replacement for the ACA, whether it be more like the AHCA or BCRA — Trumpcare — has many hurdles to go through before becoming law, millions of Americans are watching in horror as a tiny group of sociopathic man-children try to kill off as many poor and working class Americans as they can. Indeed, if you’re part of the 45 million Americans living in poverty you’re basically totally f*cked under this plan, so it only seems fitting that sexual assault is a pre-existing condition.

But thankfully the internet is here to add some levity to this atrocity with a hilarious fake AHCA ad.

Appearing on Facebook news feeds, the link for the ad appears normal enough. It shows a title, a description, and a featured image. And, perhaps to serve as deliberate click bait so as to piss progressives off, the featured image is that of a bunch of lily white people who look like they were ripped from a GAP ad. Yep, it looks real enough:

But when you click on the post, you’re directed to a page that features an assortment of caskets, or Trumpcare “plans,”  you can pick out.

According to the page, it seems this gag was created by someone on Twitter known as JimpJorps. The bill hasn’t reached the Senate yet and as such is not freaking law. While some might wring their hands and decry this as fake news, it’s quite obvious that it’s just good-old fashioned satire. And, the fact that it lures you in with an ad of all clean-cut white people is even better.

After all, Trump has shown he’s all about wealthy and white people, all while exploiting stupid and poor white people to ensure he remains in office. So it should really come as no surprise that an ad for the AHCA might feature nothing but clean-cut white people.

Featured image via screen capture

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