Nobel-Winning Economists Absolutely Destroy GOP Healthcare Bill

Assuming the Senate version of Trumpcare (or TrumpDon’tCare) remains in its current forms, the latest CBO report found that 22 million Americans will be without health insurance by 2026  and 29,00 will die. But as long as some entitled multi-millionaire jack off can buy more Ferraris, then let’s kill some elderly and working poor.

The massacre the GOP is prepared to unleash on innocent Americans appears to have received even more rebuke when a group of Nobel prize-winning economists expressed opposition of their own. In a blistering letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the economists argued that the bill “threatens reduced coverage and higher costs for those who continue to have it.”

“The Senate bill would narrow coverage, and by driving relatively healthy people from the market, raise premiums for those who remain,” wrote the group of economists.

But what the hell do a bunch of Nobel Prize-winning economists know when they only won one Prize.

Proving that this is nothing more than tax cut operating under the guise of health policy, they soundly rejected the idea that low to middle-income Americans would benefit from it.

“At a time when economic change is making life more difficult for all but the relatively well-to-do, denying people to access health insurance is a giant step in the wrong direction.”

Not surprisingly, the experts spoke highly of Obamacare.

Regarding Obamacare, the economists said it has “provided high quality, affordable health coverage for millions of previously uninsured Americans and helped to slow the growth of health care spending.”

Let’s be honest, here: President Twitter can’t have Obama’s name attached to anything, even if it’s been kind of successful. Trump’s a  hopelessly insecure despot who just wants to have his name on everything.

Featured image via PoliticUsUsa

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