Kickboxing Champion Schooled Hard After Saying ‘Depression Isn’t Real’

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As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, I tend to take it rather personally when people on social media claim that folks like me just need to “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps”, so it came as no surprise that my blood started to boil when British-American kickboxer and former “Big Brother” cast member Andrew Tate started tweeting his – unsolicited – opinion about depression:

The thread is as infuriating as the first tweet implies. He even compares depression to hunger:

And to add insult to injury he hat-tipped an Infowars editor, which answers at least part of his problem. Alex Jones’ Infowars is a disease that affects the weak minded with propaganda and made up conspiracy theories:

Luckily for me, I didn’t have to soil myself by engaging with this “personality”: A shining knight in the form of history aficionado Mike Stuchbery — who also happens to know on a personal level what depression is like — appeared on his white steed named “Facts” (warning: Mr. Stuchbery’s language is what you would call “Not Safe For Work”):

Mr. Stuchbery then does what he is best at, namely throwing historical facts at the so-called “chucklefucks”:

And another one:

He goes on to explain that depression still causes suicide:

And he – rightfully – blames people like Tate and the Infowars editor for contributing to keeping depression a taboo:

Mr. Stuchbery continues his thread stating that he himself has suffered from severe depression, that he was suicidal, but with treatment and medication he came out on the other side. He finishes off by urging people who either suffer from, or know someone who suffers from depression, to get treatment.

I can only second what Mr. Stuchbery said: If you think you, or someone you know, is suffering from depression, get help! If you can’t afford a therapist, reach out online. You are not alone. We are out here, and even if we can’t cure your depression, we know how you feel, and I cannot stress the fact enough that talking to people in the same situation as yourself helps immensely!

Don’t be ashamed, be yourself. And also, don’t subject yourself to Infowars, it doesn’t turn out well. 

For a little more on Andrew Tate:

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